Saturday, September 27, 2008


I know I am a complete dork, but one of my favorite times of the year is approaching! Can you tell what it is by the background? That would be...can anyone guess....Halloween! I have fun every year decorating the house inside and out, but this year and all the years to follow are sure to be more fun because of Berklie!!! I got Berklie a onsie to wear to the football game on Halloween night, because I thought it was ridiculous to spend so much money on a costume....well I ended up getting a costume! I got it at Once Upon a Child while I was looking for a Bumbo chair. It was only $4.50 and so cute! I can not wait to take her Halloween pictures! I don't think I am going to take her to the game in it, it all depends on the weather. I also bought her another little Halloween onsie there...I know she is way too spoiled! So, she has a costume for her pictures, a onsie for the babysitter that day, then a onsie for the game....not to mention socks and a! When I take her pictures in her costume I will post them - have said I can not wait to take them???? By the way, I got the Bumbo chair too, way cheaper than a new one and it looks like it has never been used! Awesome!

Fall is in the air!

Well, we went to Daddy's football game again on Friday, and it was a little chilly. Football weather is on its way! Berklie once again looked like a doll, and I had to take these pics when we got home late that night. It was just one of those moments you had to capture....I seem to have a lot of those!

Take notice of her football rattler - when you pull it, it shakes back up.
Pretty cute.

This one is my favorite!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Play Mat Paradise!

We found ourselves holding Berklie all the time and my mind started wandering..." I love holding her, but is she headed for childhood obesity due to lack of activity?" LOL! I am just kidding, but the girl did need some type of brain stimulation. What can I say - it's the teacher in me. So, I ventured online to Wal-Mart and Babies-R-Us to look for play mats. The ones at Wal-Mart all seemed a little cheap and flimsy, and B-R-U was way too expensive. I finally got a Baby Einstein mat at SAM'S. It was only $31 and let me tell you - money well spent! SHE LOVES IT! Needless to say, she is getting her brain stimulation on a daily basis now - I can feel her getting smarter by the minute! LOL! She is so cute on it - she lays there and looks at the toys hanging down in amazement, and then she gets excited and starts talking, slapping, and kicking at them. When she hits one her eyes get huge - like, "Wow! What just happened?" It is so adorable!

"Hi, Mommy & Daddy, thanks for the play mat!"

So, in reply to Alice Ann's blog

My Favorite Things as a Mommy!

1. I have to agree with her on eye cream and pony tail holders

2. The amazing BOPPY! Name something and I can probably find a way to use the Boppy for it!

3. Alarm clocks - otherwise I would not be waking up for work until Berklie wakes me up to eat.

4. Strollers - for those "get back into shape" outings.

5. Two words......Take Out!

6. My sister, Amby, for suggesting the "bath, book, bottle/boobies routine"!

7. My husband! He helps keep me sane.

My Favorite Baby Things!

1. Again I have to agree with Alice Ann - Mylicon and Pampers (whoever the maker of LUVS is - OMG! They are awful! I haven't tried Huggies yet, but I think Berklie and I are both spoiled on Pampers! If you like Huggies, let me know what you think.)

2. Same as AA - my breast pump - we have an appointment everyday during my conference at 11:30. Imagine lugging that thing around a high school! Granted it is in a trendy bag, but kids still know!

3. Formula dispenser - if you don't know what this is, and your baby takes formula - you have to get one. It is just this little container with different slots and you turn it to a slot and empty it into the bottle. Great for the on the go girls, daycare, dad's, ect!

4. THE PLAY MAT!!!!!

5. Two more words - BABY BED! Since she has started sleeping in it, I appreciate it much more!

6. Lastly.....MAM pacifiers - it is the only kind she will take. Picky little girl already - oh, no!

She played herself to sleep! Such a little doll - I could just eat her up!

Man, oh, man!

Berklie had her 2 month check up on Tuesday, and man-oh-man, was it bad! Well, it was not all bad - her doctor, which we both LOVE, checked her out and Berklie was great! Dr. London answered all of my questions and then said good bye and see you soon. she came - the nurse! Berklie liked her too, until....WAM! BAM! THANK YOU! MA'AM! OUCH!!!!! She first warmed Berklie up with an oral vaccine which she gulped down (must have tasted yummy), then came the big guns! The SHOTS! FIVE of them! Poor thing - she cried so hard that she turned blue and no sound was coming out of her. It scared me for a moment then I figured - your at the doctor she will be fine! I have to admit that I am a horrible mother....I laughed. Yes, I laughed! Can you believe it???? My precious baby is laying there mad and hurting so much that she stops crying, and I am laughing! It was funny though, and when I picked her up within a minute she stopped crying and gave me a look of, "Why did you just let that lady do that to me, Mommy?" Of course, this would be the time that I teared up! Talk about yank on your heart strings - that will do it! Hopefully, it did not traumatize her too bad, and she won't get gun shy of the doctor when she is older. For the aftermath she did well, no fussiness, not much fever, and she still wanted to eat - so that is all good. I was very proud of my Bitty Girl!

Now, on to Bitty Girl's stats -

Berklie Faith
September 23, 2008
weight - 11 lbs.
height - 22 3/4 in.
head circumference - 38 1/2 cm

Such stylish band-aids --- Garfield! Whatever happened to him????

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Look at me! I am 2 months old & FABULOUS!

Well, it has been two months and life is FABULOUS! We are having so much fun watching Berklie grow and come into her own. I think she has a new facial expression everyday, along with new quirks in her personality!

It is hard to think that she was 6 pounds - 15 ounces and 19 3/4 inches long, because now she is 11 pounds and 23 inches long. That is just by my scales and tape measure. We go to the doctor for her two month check on Tuesday, so I will give her real stats then. I am a little nervous because she has to get shots! Flint has practice so I will be there by myself - be strong... be strong. Last time she didn't cry for too long and I think it hurt Barbara and I more than it did Berklie!
I left her for the first time this weekend with someone besides her babysitter. It was Kaytlin so she was in good hands! It was still hard, even though we were only gone for a few hours. It is amazing how much you can miss someone in such little time. We got home and she was of course fine, but I was so glad to see her. I have to say that it is a new adventure everyday when you have a baby - but I wouldn't change it for a million dollars! Talk with you all soon!

~Love you all~ Remica & Berklie

Purple Polka Dots

Thank you, Aunt Sara, for the super cute outfits you sent me! I wore this one to Daddy's football game on Friday. We lost, but Justin did really good at quarterback and I looked adorable!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sunny Days!

We got home today and it was so beautiful that we had to go for a walk. So, I rolled out the stroller, got Bitty Girl strapped in, and off we went. It was a little windy so I thought Berklie might need a hat - not to mention it is just darn cute on her! She is starting to get her the mornings Flint starts talking to her in bed and she tries so hard to talk and gets the funniest facial expressions. It is adorable! Hopefully in the next couple of weeks I can start catching some of her smiles on camera. I can't wait. She has also started to sleep in her big girl bed - yes, yes, I know...she is only 8 weeks old and I am talking about a "big girl" bed. The only reason I call it that is because since she was born she has slept with us, so that is why it is the "big girl" bed. She has done well adjusting this week and hopefully she will continue to do well. Although I enjoy her being close to us, I have to admit it is nice having a little more space for the two of us and a more restful night's sleep. It is nice not having to worry about rolling on her or the covers smothering her. It's weird how even though you are asleep you still know that she is there. Keep your fingers crossed for continued success of the "big girl" bed!!!! Talk with you all soon!

Look out Stoney Creek here I come!

Man...that was a relaxing walk!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Does she?

Ever since the day Berklie was born I have thought she looks exactly like Flint. Until....I took this picture and I thought - oh my goodness that looks just like a picture of me when I was her age! I don't mind her looking like her daddy at all, but it is every mother's dream to have a little girl that at least favors them. So, take a look for yourself and let me know what you think!

This is me at 2 months

This is Berklie in bed Monday morning smiling. She was exactly 6 weeks old.
Sure, it is at a different angle - but do resemble one another at all?

I had to put this one on there because she looks so darn cute!

Lazy days!

Most of the time we spend our time with Berklie laying around or sleeping, because that is really all she does at this point. She does stay awake longer now, and she is getting a personality which I love to watch grow each day. One of my favorite things is to watch her and Flint laying in bed in the mornings. They both look so serene and beautiful that I can not help but wonder why I was so lucky to have been blessed with them. They are the most precious things in my life! I love going to sleep at night with them by my side and waking up in the morning and still having them there. Even though Berklie is under my armpit and Flint hogs the covers (although most of the time it is me hogging them!) Still the same I am so grateful for them both!

This was before Tyler's game the other night. I thought it was a great photo opportunity! Are they not adorable?

I don't know why this picture is rotated the wrong way, but I think she looks so sweet here.

If she is awake in the morning when I get up and her daddy is still asleep, I bring her in with me and she watches me get ready for school. She watches with such interest! It is too funny!

Monday, September 1, 2008

I love Tyler & K.K.!

Saturday my nephew Tyler played a game against a California team in Mesquite, not to far from where we live. Kaytlin was cheering, so most of my family came to watch. I took Berklie with me and two nights of football can wear a girl out! She did so good again, and her Mi-mi held her most of the time. I made her a onsie again and she looked oh so cute! Her are two of the the pictures - I need mom to email me the others.

Here she is with Kaytlin a.k.a K.K.

Bitty Girl's First Football Game!

Berklie had her Daddy's first football game this past Friday. She was all jazzed up in her onsie that I made and looked super adorable! She was all the rage! She did really well, I just wish we could have actually had a chance to watch the game. I am now the PALS sponsor so we worked the PALS fundraiser the entire night. So, next week I am leaving that to the kids and we are going to watch daddy and Justin. I sure do like all the help though - the kids were great with her. I have a lot of volunteers to babysit now!

It brought back memories because I loved going to my dad's football games when I was growing up and I hope that Berklie will too. This season she is still in her car seat, but I know next season she will be running everywhere, or she'll be the one turning cart wheels on the field like I was! We are going to have so much fun!!!

Here are some of the pictures from Friday night - I wanted to take some at the game too, but I forgot my camera - ohhhh, the joys of motherhood (losing your mind)!

Here is her onsie

When she tries to look at things too closely or for too long she goes cross-eyed. It is too cute.

The bow is big, but it looked so cute. You have to accessorize!

This is my favorite one!

I had to put one on with a little personality. GO TEAM!

Here I am with my Bitty Girl.

I can't give her enough kisses!

It is not always peaches-n-cream!

Throwing an awful fit!