Friday, July 25, 2008


Berklie Faith Bigham
July 21, 2008 at 9:42 p.m.
6 lbs 15 oz and 19 3/4 inches

As you all know we went in Monday morning for an induction due to my preeclampsia. I got there, went strait to labor and delivery, and they took us to a room. They hooked me up to my I-V and we got the day started!!!!! It was a long 14 1/2 hours of labor when the doctor decided to do a c-section. I was nervous at first and then the whirlwind hit! At 9:00 they decided about the c-section and said the doctors would be there around 9:30. Around 9:10 the nurse came in said here is a gown for dad and mi-mi got him dressed. They got me out of bed to walk to the surgery room (I never got my epidural that day - was close but choose not to just yet) I got to the surgery room got on the table and had a spinal - which did not hurt when the guy did it, but it was certainly the strangest sensation I have ever felt! Then I laid down, they pulled up the screen, did a TEST cut (I almost panicked thinking I might feel it - of course I didn't) - then brought Flint in and put up the sheet. And at 9:42 p.m. Miss. Berklie Faith Bigham was born. Thankfully my doctor called for a c-section because when they pulled her out she had the cord wrapped around her neck twice then back up behind her arm! She was doing flip flops already! So, here are some pictures of the trials and tribulations of the big day, and some we have taken since! I want to say thank you to all of my family and friends that came and stuck it out all day. Both Flint and my families were there, along with her Aunt Sara, Sissy, and Aunt Kristin. You guys are troopers! We had several visitors during our stay at the hospital that we appreciate, too. I have to say that I am truly blessed to have found Flint, and then to be blessed with Berklie - I fell in love the first time I saw both of them!

This is Berklie's name that her Aunt Amby made her, and the table cloth that I made.

This is when we arrived at the hospital - lovely, huh?

Me in labor - not much fun.

Getting ready to go into the operating room. Do we look nervous? If not nervous then PUFFY from all the stuff they had given me that!

Getting a kiss from mom and dad before I go back.

My AWESOME doctor right before she opens me up!
I bet you all are thanking me for that image - aren't you?

Flint and I in the surgery room.
I wasn't asleep just had my eyes closed.

Berklie's entrance into the world!

Cleaning her up in the operating room.

Mad in the nursery - she is about to get her first bath. The nurse took such good care of her - I coached both of her daughters. She loved Berklie and sent her girls a picture that night once she was all cleaned up.

Getting her first bath in the nursery.

The first time I got to hold her. It was amazing! They had a little pink bow in her hair that they let Hailey pick out.

Still in awe and trying not to cry.

She got to meet her bothers and sisters the night she was born. I think they are kinda proud of her.

The day after she was born in Alexi's arms. She is extremely bright eyed.

Here she is with proud Papa and siblings.

She was two days old here.

This is the day we came home from the hospital. I think she is going to be a thumb sucker!

I was so scared that she was going to be too big to fit into this dress. When she was born I was quite surprised she was so little. As you can tell we could have fit two of her in the dress! It was HUGE along with the pacifier! The socks were huge too - they would just fall off. It was too funny! I am sure she will get a kick out of it when she looks back at the film we took - all Flint and I are doing is laughing.

I LOVE this picture! I call it my "Beauty Queen" picture.

Daddy whistling to her -- She likes him just a little!

Did I mention that the bow was HUGE too!
I honestly didn't think it would look this big! It cracked us up!

This is one of my favorite pictures of us.

This is the night we got home from the hospital - she had a really long day.
She was zonked out!

These three are pictures of her in her swing. I love this thing!
She is a "big one" - isn't she?

This was her first time to meet her mi-mi.
I think they were both quite taken with one another.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Tomorrow is the DAY!

Tomorrow is the big day! I am really nervous, but super excited at the same time. I can not wait to hold her and hear her cry. So, this will be my last post for a while - well at least until we get back from the hospital with some pictures! When we get back I will post the pictures along with the announcement of her name. Please keep us all in your thoughts and prayers tomorrow. Talk with you all soon, and the next time you hear from me I will have a beautiful baby girl!

Love~ Remica, Flint, and "Bitty Girl"

Friday, July 18, 2008

The BIG News!!!!

So, here it is "THE BIG NEWS!" I went to the doctor on Monday and my blood pressure was a little high, so she wanted to see me back on Wednesday. I went in on Wednesday with mom in tow - my blood pressure was still high. After the doctor checked me I had made some progress, then she looks at me and explains that I meet her criteria for Preeclampsia and she wants to induce me tomorrow (Thursday). Needless to say my jaw dropped and I almost passed out. All I was thinking was - I am not ready yet and Flint is NOT here!!!! I seriously almost had a panic attack! She told me then that we could do it on Monday, but NO later. I said that was fine and finally got my breath back. She gave me some precautions to look for and if I started to feel funny or not feel that baby move then I was to call her immediately. She then told me just to relax and stay off my feet. A little easier said than done for me - but I tried! I will just be 37 weeks, but the doctor thinks she is healthy and will have no problems. I am just praying that everything goes ok, and she is fine. So, "Bitty Girl" will be making her entrance into the world on Monday, July 21, 2008 (the day after Alice Ann's b-day). I am so excited for her to get here to meet you all - as well as I FINALLY get to reveal her NAME! You guys are probably more excited about that then her birth - lol! Here are some last shots of the belly and talk with you all soon! I guess my next post will have pictures of the baby!

The last belly shot of me at nine months.

Kaytlin my niece (she will not be the only girl for long), Gehrig and Brayden my nephews.

Us at mother's day lunch.

My sister Vickie, my mom, me, and my sister Amby at my family shower.
I have no clue where my height comes from.

Me and Kaytlin.

This is the dress that Bitty Girl is going to wear home from the hospital. I don't think I am going to put the bonnet on her unless she has a bad cone! Otherwise it will be a bow.

Dad and I comparing tummies. Who wins???

Her Nursery !

Here are some pictures of her nursery - it is all some what finished. It is amazing the things you can do with some paint and hot glue! All I have to do now is hang a mirror (which is really heavy, so that is a job for Flint - and we also need to hang her name.) Which I know you are all extremely ready to know! Just think the suspense is almost over!!!! I also, don't have any pictures of her table that I am making the table cloth for. It is going to match the rest of the room. A brown table cloth and a pink with brown polka dots topper accented with some bows - of course. :-)

Here is a picture of her changing table/dresser and her bow hanger that I made.
Is she spoiled already or what????

This is the girl's bed and the craft projects that I did to relax.
I painted the shelf and mirror, then I had the hat and got the lady bug frame from one of my friends at school.

Of course she has to have her bed with her bedding
and chest of drawers for those cute outfits! Her name will go on the wall above her bed! I can not wait to put it up!!!

I absolutely LOVE this piggy bank that my cousin gave her. You can't see it, but it also have a tutu on. Super cute! Her Pa-Pa has also started her fund!

This is a shelf that I had and just repainted it. Then I painted all of the stuff that is in it. You can probably figure out that the "BFB" are her initials - any guesses????

This is the fair away shot of this wall. All of the stuff on it was craft projects.
Who knew I had some Martha Stewart in me!

Monday, July 7, 2008

More Shower Pictures

I finally have some more pictures from the shower that my family threw us.
So here they are...

Sissy (my mom's baby sister), Jenny (my sister-in-law), and my nephew Gehrig

Here are some of the cute decorations that Vickie made!
I love the potty chair center piece.
Cute and practical!

Here is Bitty Girl's Cake - I thought it was adorable!

Thanks, Barb, for writing all the stuff down!

Mi-mi and Brayden enjoying the festivities.

I love this picture of Gehrig and his Uncle Thomas (Vickie's husband).
I think they were watching Sponge Bob!

New momma Amby with her handsome man Brayden.

All of the little rug rats. It reminded me of all of the cousins at Bigmama and Papa's house when we were little. Good times!

Amby holding our little cousin Caroline. I think she is what Alice Ann and Russell's baby is going to look like. She has dark hair and big brown eyes. She is a doll!

More gifts! Some scrap booking stuff from her Aunt Vickie.