Friday, February 27, 2009

Look out - she is on the go!

Well, Berklie has been on the move for quite some time now. She has been getting around where ever she wanted to go since she was about 5 and half months, crawling since 6 months (and with that came pulling up on everything in sight), and now I think she'll be walking in the next month or so! Can you believe it? She is constantly on the go and can be out of your sight in no time at all! Needless to say, we keep all the door shut now, so she is pretty well contained to the kitchen, living room, and hallways. She is a regular little "Dora the Explorer", too! If you miss her, she is more than likely behind a chair, under the coffee table, between the couch and the end table, ect. I have to say that this a fun age and she is just the cutest little thing ever! Here are some random pictures of her - mostly on the "go!" It is hard to catch her still anymore, so I doubt you'll be seeing many of those pictures anytime soon. Hope you are all doing well! Just think - ALMOST SPRING BREAK!

"Mama, could you move your caboose, please? I need to get through there."

Here she is crawling between the chair and the end table.

You can probably tell this is when she was sick - her little eyes are all puffy and glassy.
She never was in a grumpy mood though.
Heck, if I had a cold and an ear infection, I don't think I would be a very happy camper, but it never seemed to bother her.

This is not exactly what you want to walk in to see when she is only 6 and a half months old!
Talk about - SCARY!

What a cutie patootie!

Here she is having a little trouble on one of her expeditions.

"Hello, there! If mama or daddy ask you anything, you didn't see me do this. Ok?"

"Mama, I know you're out there!"

Monday, February 9, 2009

The Newbies!!! Yippee!!!

Well, we have new baby girls on the way! Berklie can not wait to meet her new b-f-fs, Chloe and Caroline! Congrats, Barbara and Robert on your two baby girls! We can not wait until they get here - Berklie has some pretty neat things she wants to share with them!

Can't you see it now...all of us girls, with all of our girls! They are going to have so much fun together! This time next year we are all going to have our hands full!

You guys are in our thoughts and prayers! We love you, Aunt Babsy and Uncle Robert!

Who needs snazzy toys? Not Berklie Faith!

So, we have ALL of these nifty little toys for Bitty Girl to play with, yet she seems to enjoy the simpler things in life! She had just had her bath and we were about to give her a bottle and put her to bed. When I went into the kitchen to make the bottle I heard a little tussling in the floor and this is what I looked up to find! These are so funny, and probably some of my favorite pictures to date! This is the most fun age! She is such a doll!

"Hey, this looks like fun!"

Yes, her two favorite toys are the laundry basket and her hair brush!

"Entertaining and yummie!"

"I can see you mama!"

"Mama, are you still watching?"


"Help, help, help!"

"What have I gotten myself into?!?!?!"

"Maybe I can get out this way?"

"Oh, yeah! I'm good! Look at me go!"
"Man, that was FUN!!!!"
"Mama, did you get all that?"

If you look at where she starts out on the blanket and where she ends up, it is pretty darn funny. While the basket was on top of her, and she was trying to figure out how to get it off, she crawled across the floor in frustration- it was so funny! Flint had a baseball game tonight - I wish he could have seen it, he would have laughed so hard. It seriously was sooooo funny!

My New Kicks!

Here are a couple of pictures of me in my new kicks and some others of me playing! Hope you like'em!

"Hey, ya'll, what's up?"

"Mama you are so tall!"

"Check'em out, guys!"

"Are my new kicks, cool or what?"
"I love the shoestrings!"