Wednesday, March 3, 2010

We have a name!

Well, the puppy officially has a name.
Please welcome -

Berklie has warmed up to him. She loves for him to give her kisses! Go figure I had to bribe her to get her off the counter the first day, and now she loves him!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Flint's 40th Surprise Party and Introducing.....

Here are some pics of Flint's 40th surprise party! The party was great, and there were about 50 people that came! Crazy, I know but everyone had fun. Flint found out about the party because one of the coaches accidentally let the cat out of the bag! He didn't know when or where it was, so he was a little surprised...and he was really surprised at how many people came. We had it at the Texas Land and Cattle in Rockwall. It was so nice and everything went really well. Anyways, happy belated 40th birthday to the love of my life! I hope we have the next 40 years to share with one another! I love you so much!

Now, on to our new family member! No....I'm not preggo! We got a new puppy! He is a 9 week old yellow lab that is absolutely adorable! As of now, he remains nameless, but as soon as we know the name I will let you bloggers know. Talk with you all soon and enjoy the pics!

These two are actually from Flint's birthday dinner the night of his actual b-day. We went to BJ's brewhouse in Addison. It was delicious!

The girls in Flint's lap.

Berklie trying to be the center of attention.

The cake. It was yummy! Carrot Cake because it is Flint's favorite!

Barb and Lexi talking.

Flint holding Berklie while we sang happy birthday to him.

People getting ready to leave - by this point all of the kids had grabbed the balloons and started sucking out the helium out of them. Fun for all!

Justin talking to two of the coaches. One of the coach's wife is preggo and she looks so cute!

Not the best pic, but it will do.

Berklie holding on for dear life!

Look how adorable he is!


Berklie was not into him at first but she warmed up fairly fast. I had to bribe her by telling her to give him a bone.