Friday, February 12, 2010

More snowy fun!

So, it snowed last night until about 4 in the morning, and the first thing we all wanted to do was go and play in the SNOW! It was about 12 inches deep in our front yard! It was AWESOME! Berklie wanted to go outside before she had breakfast. Soooo not like her - that girl likes to eat! She was all about the snow though, especially since Hailey was here to play with her now! Enjoy the pics!

Standing on the porch. I made her give me her paci after the pic.

Hailey having fun.

Hailey throwing a snow ball at me.

Berklie playing.

Braughn, Justin, and Lexi shoveled our neighbors driveway for them. They are an older couple and so sweet! They love all the kids to pieces!

One of the first things she did when she got back outside!

A picture taken from our front yard across the street to our neighbors.

Little Snow Angel Hailey.

Picture of the house.....yes, yes, I know....the Christmas lights are STILL up!
I'll admit is the wreath and the trees anchoring our door! I am WAY behind!

This is a picture of my foot in the snow.

The girls telling me hi. It was so bright outside!

She's sitting not standing, but it is still pretty deep!

What a cutie!

Her getting ready to get pulled on the tube behind the four wheeler.
So..I tried to pull Hailey, but I got a little scared! It was really slippery and there was a cement barrier down the hill beside where I was pulling her....I didn't want her to hit it, so I stopped and Flint took over! He laughed at me, but I didn't want her to slide down it and get hurt! So, I left all the pulling to Flint and Braughn!

Getting ready to go.

The next three pics are out of order - this should be the last one. Flint fell down this little hill (right after I had fallen), and this was the last pic of him laughing at himself.

Him getting up.

Him falling and rolling over.
It was so funny!

Excited Hailey! She had a blast!

Berklie going riding on the four wheeler with Daddy.

Braughn pulling his baby sisters in the snow!

Even though it stopped snowing late last night, it still was really deep.

Saying "Hi" to momma before her ride!

Thursday, February 11, 2010


As the alarm went off this morning I DID NOT want to get up. I haven't been feeling well all week and Berklie has had the stomach bug, too. I reluctantly woke up I turned on the TV to see if we had school. I knew the winter storm was suppose to come in, so we were all hoping for a little break from school. Needless to say, our school"s name DID NOT roll across the bottom of the screen. So, I hopped up, took a shower, got myself and Berklie ready and out the door we went. I opened the garage and it was snowy and beautiful! I was so excited! I took Berklie out in it and said, "Look, baby, SNOW!" She said, "Nooooo, momma!!!!!" She couldn't get the "S" out! Next, we pulled into the sitter's drive way, and I opened the door to get her out and she saw the snow and stuck her tough out to catch it. I have no idea how she knew to do that, but she did.

I got to school and of course the kids were CRAZZZZYYYYYY! As I was walking in the ones getting off the bus were having a snow ball fight! I didn't get on to them, because they may never see that much snow again in Texas! I took my Life Skills kids out side, and they had a blast! I wish they all could have been there, but some were absent. I also took the PALs out to play in it. We had a great time! We stayed out in the snow for most of the class period! Then later on in the day the snow really started coming down hard!!!!

School let out at the normal time, and I was off to get Berklie. Berklie's sitter lives down a dirt road, and yes.... I did get stuck down the road from her house when we were leaving. Flint couldn't help because he was already at home changing the brakes on the truck, so I had to call the sitter and get her husband to come and help. Thank goodness their neighbor had a chain and a tractor! They pulled me out!

Berklie and I FINALLY got home after we went through that and stopping to get gas. I couldn't wait to get her home and take her outside to play! I thought she might not like it, but as you can tell in the below pics....she LOVED it! She is surely my bitty girl now, because I love the snow and cold weather! Once she was out there for longer than I had planned (but she was having so much fun) we brought her inside and she started to cry! She calmed down once daddy made snow ice cream....yes I know...I had never heard of it either! I guess not growing up in a place with a lot of snow we would have never made snow ice cream. It actually isn't all that bad. Berklie liked it!

We don't have school tomorrow, so we get to sleep late and play in the snow! Enjoy all the pics!

The truck this morning. Thank goodness the expedition was in the garage.

As Berklie and I were leaving the house.

My PALs kids during class.

All gunning for me with snowballs.

Playing in the snow!

Me catching some snow.

These are two of my life skills kiddos and the girl in the middle is my teacher's aide. I coached her when she was a freshman and now she is a senior!

Look how huge the snow flakes are! I was mesmerized!

This is my stuck car. I know, I know....only me!


I thought this was pretty.

I might blow this one up and hang it somewhere.

The entrance to our neighborhood.

She loves her bubba!

Not to sure about it at first.....

Then decided she LOVED it!

Throwing a snowball.

Making a snowball with bubba.

Look how deep the snow is!!!

All excited.

Making a snowball!


She just threw a snow ball at me!


Looks like a little angel!

I threw a snowball at her and she thought it was the funniest thing!


Yeppers, she got my tongue! LOL!

Here she is again trying to eat it. LOVE IT!

She was giving me this look because I hit her in the face with a snowball!


I love my Bitty Girl!

Yes, she is eating the snow!

Look at her little cheeks and nose!
She looks like Santa!

I love this one! The size difference cracks me up!

Her and bubba with their snowman!
We didn't have time to get the accessories needed for his face!!

Daddy came outside to play, too! Of course he had to get momma with a snow ball! Berklie laughed sooooo hard! It was adorable!