Monday, July 23, 2012

Mermaid and Pirate Party!

Saturday was Berklie's 4th birthday, and this year she wanted a Mermaid and Pirate Party!  It was so cute and everyone had a lot of fun despite it being the HOTTEST day of the year!  107 degrees!!!!  Go figure, but we all made the best of it!  She had it at the park again with the splashpad, playground, bball courts, vball courts, and pavillion.  The Clinkscale Clan, and the Heckathorn gang made it up from Houston for the event and Berklie was soooooo excited to see her cousins!!!   Aunt Vickie and her crew made it over, Grandma and Grandpa, too with a little shorter drive as well as friends from school and coaches' kids that Berklie is friends with.  Add all those people together with Chicken Express, face painting, and cupcakes and that equals a BLAST!!! Thank you to everyone who came, you all made Berklie's day so special!!!  IT was a great!

Kids on the splashpad. Far left Gehrig, Middle Brayden, and far right Berklie.

Sofia and Berklie

Sweet Little Sofia having fun!

My little poser! 

The Birthday GIRL!!!! 

Funny man Brayden.

Berklie, Brayden, and Sofia

Sofia, Gehrig, and Brayden eating some Chicken Express!

Berklie decided to join them.

Justin and I did face paintings for the kids. Pirates for the boys and Mermaids for the girls! So FUN!

Berklie becoming a magical mermaid!

Her friend Jace...he wanted to be Spiderman...not a pirate!  LOL! 

Our good friends Natalie and her son Carlton.

Brayden and Cord playing "soccer" with my volleyball!  They should be banned!  ;o)

Everyone enjoying the party.

Of course....every mermaid needs GLITTER!!!!

The Mermaid Princess herself!

Cupcake and present time!

Grandpa relaxing.

Her friend Anthony!  Too cute!

Happy Birthday to YOU!!!

Blowing out the candles....note that there are only 3 candles on her cupcake...MY BAD!!! CRAZY MOMMA!

My niece Kaytlin (K.K.) and her boyfriend Cord.

Present time!

Her American Girl doll McKenna from Mimi and Papa.

Yay!  Clothes!

Modseling her mermaid costume from Aunt Amby, Uncle Brad, and Brayden.

Me and my big sister Vickie!

Justin, Lexi, and Grandma trying to stay cool!  It was H-O-T!

Pirate Gehr-r-r-rig!

The Heckathorn Kids! Vickie, Me, Joseph, and Amby! <3

Amby and cute!

Momma and her Bitty Girl!!!! Happy Birthday Berklie Faith!  Daddy and Momma love you! (I don't know what is up with her closed little smile theses days...silly girl!)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A BUNCH of Catch UP!!!!

    Wow!  It's been a while since we have posted pic with activities!  I admit it...I've been slacking!  Hopefully things will start to pick up and I will get back in the swing of things!Well first up we have Berklie's fall festival at school! She wanted to be Minnie Mouse this year, so I made her costume and off we went!  Next, my 31st bday with all my girls at Painting with a Twist!  So much fun, and I have to say I have the best friends a girl could ask for!  I had friends come from all over Texas!  Absolutely LOVE my girls!  They have helped me so much over the years and have had so much to do with who I have become as a woman!  The in late November was my nephew John Thomas and his wife Brenna's wedding at the Renaissance Festival.  It was so much fun!  We all dressed up and had a great time!  Berklie was a flower fairy!  She and my niece Sofia were A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!  I'll try to get more pictures of that event and post.  It was awesome!  Now, on to Christmas with the family at Mimi and Papa's house!  Everyone as usual had blast!  Then arrives spring and flower and kite flying galore!  Lastly, Lexi had her Jr/Sr prom this year!  Crazy to think she will be a senior this coming school year!  Time flies!!!!!!!!    I had the honor of doing her makeup for the big event!  She looked absolutely beautiful!  She had a fun time too.  Flint had the regional track meet, so he had to meet up with her at prom (which was at South Fork Ranch where they filmed/film the TV show Dallas) to take a few pics.  Most kids would have been mortified, but she didn't mind at all!  Enjoy all the pics and I promise there will be more frequent post to come!  :o)  

Berklie and her best friend from school, Macey!  I worked with her mom at NFHS and they are both sweethearts! 

Partners in crime!

One of the little games they had set up.  (as you can see...she's a little!)

Getting some candy after landing on the right number.

As we were leaving she got a little distracted by the bubbles!

My 31st birthday with all my girls at Painting With a Twist!

Working on the painting...a little wine always help the production!

My two beautiful sisters! 

Vickie with baby Lucy!

BFF from college, Kristin!

The finished products!  Top row: Vickie (sister), Sara w/ Lucy (childhood BFF and daughter), Suzanna (childhood friend), Amby (sister), and Lynda (friend from working at Quinlan)  Bottom: Me, Tracey (friend from NFHS), Sue (friend from Quinlan that came to NFHS with me), Kristin (college BFF), Natalie (coaches' wives friend)         

Yummy cupcakes my sisters brought! 

Back at the house for dinner and girls night in!

My oldest nephew got married at the Ren Fest in Plantersville the day after Thanksgiving! Berklie was a flower fairy!  I made her's and Sofia's dresses and wings, so she had to try on the dress for them on Thanksgiving day for a preview!  It was so much fun!

Christmas at Mimi and Papa's house!

Thanks for the outfit Uncle Joe and Aunt Jenny!

Her table from mimi and papa.

She couldn't wait to get it opened!

Aunt Vickie and Uncle Thomas bought all of the little kids a music set!  As you can tell they were a hit with the kiddos...not so much their parents though! ;o)

Papa opening a gift.

Mimi opening a present!

Momma and her sweet Bitty Girl!



<3 this little girlie!

Aunt Amby and Uncle Brad brought a kitchen!

The whole gang! (well...most of them!)

Sprint time pics in a field of Indian Paintbrushes!  Love this pic...I need to edit and work on it, but I haven't got around to it!

After the shoot we went to fly a kite for her first time! 

She had a ball!

Berklie with Lexi getting ready to leave for prom!

Everyone but Justin!


Couldn't rotate it for some reason!  Urrgg! 

Love the dress!

Berklie had the best time looking at all the dresses and choosing which one was her favorite!

Flint had the regional track meet, so he had to meet up with her that night when she got to prom to take a quick pic!