Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Girls!

The day after Christmas Mom, Berklie, and I made the trek down to Humble, Texas to have lunch with my girlfriends from high school. IT was a long day - remember that Berklie's other tooth was coming in....which made for a rough ride at times. I am so glad that mom was with me. Otherwise, I think I might of had a nervous breakdown! We had a good time, and Berklie got to see Grace Ann again and they were so much cuter together this time. I can only image how cute they will be when they get older! Here are some pictures, they're a little out of order.

This was when we got back to my mom's house that night.

Berklie loves Sugarbaby!

Suggie likes her just a little, too!

So sweet!

Here are the girls with Sara and Barbara. Oh, congrats to Barb and Robert - they are expecting TWINS this summer! I can't wait!!!!!!

The whole gang! Me, Berklie, Barbara, Mary, Sara, Alice Ann, and Grace Ann.

Hard to think it has been ten years since we graduated!

I wish the babies were looking, but it is still a cute pic!

This one is my favorite of the two of them.

"Hey, Grace Ann, is your hand good?"
"I have to say, Berklie, it is quite yummie!"

Berklie's poor bo-hinnie!

Due to her teething Berklie had an awful diaper rash. We heard one on the best things for it was just to let it air out. So, we did that and it did seem to help, but it never started getting better. We took her to the doctor yesterday and he gave us some creme to use. After one use her bo-hinnie looks ten times better!

Her airing it out!

I love this one!

"Mom, you are going to use these to show my boyfriends when I get older, aren't you?"

I didn't know I was suppose to ask for two....

Santa came to visit the Bigham house hold and I think he exploded in our living room! all of the kids had a great time seeing what their presents were from us, grandpa and grandma, and seeing what Santa brought them. From Santa - Justin got a golf bag and baseball shoes, Alexi got shoes and perfume, Braughn got basketball shoes and a playstation game, Hailey got a Tini-Puppini (in case you are curious, you'll see the picture in a sec), and Berklie got clothes and her BOTTOM TOOTH! It was too funny!

She had been fussy for a quite some time, had a diaper rash, several dirty diapers a day, drooling, and chewing on everything, so we were expecting one but not this soon. I had her one the floor playing with her after we opened presents and I went to feel for knots on her gums....well...I ran over something very sharp! Her bottom left tooth came in! Needless to say, she continued to be fussy, have a rash and several dirty diapers a day, then on Sunday the bottom right tooth came through! How exciting! She is growing up so fast! Did I mention she is 5 MONTHS OLD!!!!

Anyways, we hope that you all had a wonderful and Merry Christmas with a Blessed New Year!

I told you it looked like Santa exploded!

Hailey got new bedroom stuff for her mom's house from grandma & grandpa.
She was excited!

As you can tell, Berklie could have cared less about opening presents. She was more concerned with chewing on my hand!

She has had her bumbo for awhile, but gpa & gma got her the tray that goes with it. Very handy!


People, this is the Tini Puppini.

Berklie & Big Sis, Lexi.

Daddy opening the Tini Puppini, who's name is Toffee! LOL!

Flint frying the turkey! It was delicious! He had to block the flame from the wind - that is why all of the stuff is around it.

The kids playing with one of their games they got.

Berklie with mama.

Playing in the floor.

Berklie with Grandpa.

She's so adorable!

Christmas at Mi-Mi & Pa-pa's house

Here is the first Christmas we had. We always do Christmas early with me family because there are so many of us and it is just easier then trying to get together on Christmas Eve or Day. Berklie got a lot of cute stuff and is so spoiled by everyone in my family! We also, had some very exciting things happen! My nephew John-Thomas (who is 21) proposed to his girl-friend. She said YES! Then Joseph and Jenny told us in a very neat way that they are expecting another baby. It is funny, because for the past 4 or 5 Christmas' we have had a surprise from someone. Four years ago it was Amby and Brad telling us they were getting married, then the next Christmas was Joseph and Jenny telling us about Gehrig, then I think we skipped a Christmas, then last Christmas it was us with Berklie, and this Christmas John-Thomas & Joseph and Jenny. So......we are all wondering what it is going to be next year!!!!

Here is Little Miss Berklie with her Daddy. Don't they look so cute?

I love this one because the look on Berklie's face. She looks so surprised!

As you can tell, Berklie's stack of presents just kept getting bigger!

There was so much stuff. All of the kids had a good time.

Mr. Brayden had fun opening his presents. He is so cute!

Here is John-Thomas and his now fiance, Brenna. They're so cute!

This is how Joseph and Jenny told us they were expecting. We were all around the table saying the blessing, and right when we got finished Joseph asked my mom to help him take off Gehrig's sweater. Then he asked mom if he saw Gehrig's shirt and she said yes it's cute. She just saw the red and didn't read what it said, then he asked her if she read it and then she did and told all of us to look at it. It was really cute, because we all got it at the same time. Could my family be anymore creative???? LOL!

Our sweet "Bitty Girl!"

Joseph, Vickie, Amby, and Me
Not the best picture at all, but what can you do? LOL!

Mi-Mi and Pa-Pa with their Bitty Girl.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Here's Santa!

Well, we made the trek over to Frisco to Stonebriar Mall to see Santa. Thank goodness we got there when we did, because he was about to go eat dinner with Mrs. Clause. Berklie did a great job, she didn't even cry. She was just looking at Flint and I like we were crazy. It was almost like she was saying, "Seriously? Are you really making me do this? Come on you guys!" Justin got it all on film, so we can embarrass her when she is older. I was frustrated because Flint sat her in Santa's lap and the lady automatically snapped the picture. She took about 4 or 5 and I never knew when she was taking them. Then, we bought the CD and ONLY one picture was one it. Crazy! We are going to go into the Santa business next year! I was allowed to take "2" with my camera. Which weren't all that great because I was frustrated and felt rushed. Oh, well. At least she didn't cry and was a good girl. I wonder what she asked Santa for though????

Friday, December 19, 2008


Just a post to say 1 more hour until we are out for Christmas Break!!!!! YIPPPPEEEEEE! I can not wait to relax and spend time with my family and friends! Happy Holidays!!!!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Merry Christmas & A Hoppin' New Year!

I love this thing! We did it last year, but it is so much cuter with Berklie in the shot!

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What a pretty girl!

I thought this little outfit was so cute. Then Sara picked out the bow. She liked it because she thought it looked like a bow on top of a present.....which it does! So, Sweet Berklie is our very special delivery! The other pictures are of her in one of her pettiskirts. We still have to take pictures in the pink one and she is getting a red one for her Santa pictures. I think they are the most adorable things ever!

Such a big girl!

Look at that sweet little face. How could you not love that face?
This is what I see every morning when I go in to her room to wake her up. I lean over her bed and say good morning sweet girl, and then she gets the biggest grin on her face. It is certainly a great way to start off the day!

"What, mom? I am doing what you asked me to do."

Big Brother is helping her out. She is still a little unsteady.

"Look I have this hand, and I am not afraid to use it, mister!'

"That's more like! I love to stand up and dance!"

This picture cracks me up - she looks hilarious!
Justin and I laughed for a good while over this one. She is just leaning over so far, that her legs seem like they would be super short, and her head looks gigantic!
She thought it was pretty funny, too, as you can tell.

This is one of the pictures of the kids.
They all turned out really good. Aren't they all so cute?

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas.....

Well it is officially WINTER! It has not been over 32 degrees all day long! Justin and I were gone this morning by 5:00 to go to Greenville to help with the Hunt County Clothe-a-Child Project and it was FREEZING! The PALS were volunteer shoppers to keep track of what everyone spent in Wal-Mart. We had a great time and it made me truly thankful for everything I have been blessed with. We go back in the morning for the last round of shopping. Even though it is a great thing to be involved with, the early mornings I could do without.

Moving on... Sara got to come in this past weekend and although I didn't take as many pictures as I would have liked, I did get one.....sorry Sara. :-( Mom and dad also came in on Friday night. Flint and dad went to a football playoff game and Mom, Sara, Berklie, and I all went out to eat. Then the next morning Sara, Berklie, and I met Barb in Rockwall to have a girls day! It was FABULOUS! Lots of fun - which it always is when we get together! That night we cooked out at the house and Flint and Robert made some yummie stuff on the grill. Anyway, it was nice to get to hang out with the girls and catch up. I wish we could do it more often, but we all lead very busy hectic lives!

Here are some pictures from this past weekend. Some of them are pretty funny.

Berklie with Sara....she is a natural!

She can sit up pretty good now. Just really likes her feet though.

Playing in the floor. One of these days I am sure I'll get it in the mouth. :-(~

"What'da say Aunt Sara?"

"Thank, ya. Thank, ya very much."
LOL! Her face it hilarious!

Bitty girl with her Mi-Mi. This is the second Santa hat that mom bought her....this first one was a little tight. It looked like it was cutting off circulation - lol.

I love this one - I just wish I could have gotten a more head on shot.