Sunday, December 16, 2012

Maternity Pics part 2

 Here is the rest of the maternity session that Sara took the day after my shower.  She did a great job and I appreciate her so much!  I wish I would have taken some when I had Berklie, and I honestly can't remember why I didn't.  Don't laugh too hard at the big belly....HE'S A BIG BOY!!!  On the up side....I guess I could look a lot worse to be 8 and half months prego in the pics.

Beware.....below are the....OUT-TAKES!!! 

This is an out-take!
We were saying we could just hear my mom yelling at me to get off the rocks!
We said the newspaper would read..."Tragedy in Ben Gill Park!  Pregnant woman falls while navigating creek rocks!"

So much fun was had!  How can there not be fun when Sara and I are together!?!?!?!  ;o) 

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Berklie's performing debut!

Berklie had her Christmas Program yesterday at school, and she was one of the Little Lambs!  I know....the costume is for the birds, and I think it actually looks more like a billy goat than a lamb!  She had fun though and that's all that matters!  A picture and some videos are attached.  I am trying to get the actual performance part to upload, but I think it is too large.  Enjoy our little lamb!  ;o)

My sweet little (billy goat) lamb!  (IF you can't tell...she's in the middle.) 

Making their entrance! 

Getting ready.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sneak Peek of Maternity Pics

Here is a sneak peek of maternity pictures that my best friend Sara took today! It was so windy, then got sunny...but for the most part they turned out good.  More to come later. 

Bitty Boy's Baby Shower

My sisters and two of my best friends threw me a baby shower yesterday, and we'll just say that Bitty Boy is already SPOILED!!!  He received his car seat from my parents, stroller from my in-laws, bedding from my sisters, Sara, and Barbara, and many many more items from everyone who attended! There was tons of food, laughter, and love, and I have to say that I have the best family and friends a girl could ask for.  My family and I are truly blessed with a loving family and friends. The shower came at the right time, because Bitty Boy might arrive within a matter of a few weeks!!!!  YIKES!  Thankfully, we received a ton of needed stuff!!!!  We should know more on the c-section date next Wednesday after my sonogram and appointment.  Thank you to my sisters, Sara, and Barbara for hosting and everyone else who came to spoil Bitty Boy!  We love you all!

Sara, Vickie, Barb, and Amby opening their hostess gifts.

The SPREAD!  It all was YUMMY!

The awesome diaper cake Sara made for us!

Me and Bitty Boy with the hostesses. 


Berklie, with Mimi, and her cousin Perry Kate. 

I wanted Berklie to feel special and not left out of the festivities, so she got to help open presents!  She got a couple of things for herself too!  :o)

She was very excited to see what was in each bag. 

Helping my put on the feeding cover and (Barb's beach hat) that Alice Ann sent  to us in the mail.  Everyone got a huge laugh out of the hat....they were all a little confused until I explained the story.  

For you Alice Ann!  Thank you for ALL the was WAY TOO MUCH!!!
I love you! ;o) 

My niece Kaytlin, sisters Vickie and Amby,. Me, my Mom, and sister-in-law Jenny.
Little Miss Sofia and Berklie joined us, too! 

Love my sisters and momma!  They're the BEST!!!!

My girlies!  Mary, Barbara, Me, and Sara! 

Thanks, girls, for the gifts and FUN TIME!  Love you all!