Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Lawson's newborn pictures

I took Lawson's first set of newborn pictures a couple of days after I got out of the hospital the second time I went in.  It totally wore me out, but thankfully with the help of my mom, we made it through and he did an awesome job.  He didn't wake up the entire time!  The second round was with his baseball hat and I took those yesterday.  It was my initial idea,but I just found the hat yesterday.  So, in those his filled out a little.  He did a great job again, and only woke up at the end....then he proceeded to pee and poop on the backdrop.  Lol!  Not the first time it has happened to me on a shoot, so no big deal....just had to do a load of laundry afterwards. ;o) Enjoy! 

One of my favs!

Another fav!



...and the last fav!

Below are the birth announcements I designed for him....I couldn't figure out which one I liked the most, so I went ahead and ordered a few of all of them!  So, when you get yours...you'll be surprised!!!! 

Lawson's nursery

Here are some pictures of Lawson's nursery.  We went with a vintage sports theme...Flint over ruled my vintage airplane theme.  Guess that's the coach in him!  It ended up really cute and I love his letters I made for his name.  He seems to like it too, he loves to be in his bed.  I am thankful for that!  Enjoy the pics! 

This is the letter that Heather made for him.  It is hanging on the door going to his bedroom.   Berklie has a B on her door too, so they look really cute. 

We left Justin's bed in the room, for when the kids come.  I have been using it at night to sleep close to Lawson, as well.  Comes  in very handy! 

I love the shelves!!!  Probably my favorite part besides his name. 

Dresses/Changing table.  I love this piece of furniture!  So versatile! 

His bedding, crib, and name!  Yea!

His cube shelf.  Also, very handy for organizing all that baby stuff!   I love his lamp,  too!

His other tall dresser with the decorations. I need to get pictures in those picture frames! 

Berklie helped hold Lawson while I took the pictures, so I couldn't help myself to get a picture of them together! 

Such a good big sister! 

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Lawson Cade...yea!!!!

Well, the time had finally arrived!  It was time for the next Bigham to be welcomed in to the BUNCH!  My pregnancy seemed to fly by much faster than it did with Berklie, but I felt like I was able to enjoy this one a little more.  That probably sounds weird and most likely doesn't make much sense at all, but it does to me...lol. I guess because I knew what to expect and took things in a little more than I did with Berklie's pregnancy.  Anyways, we introduced Lawson Cade Bigham on 1-3-13 weighing in at 7 pounds 11 ounces and 20 inches long at 10:48 a.m.  (I thought he was going to be much longer due to the real estate he seemed to be taking up in my belly, but he was only a fourth of an inch longer than Berklie.)  We didn't have a name until we LITERALLY pulled in to the hospital parking lot.  We wanted to have the initials LCB after Flint's grandfather, his father, and brother, but we just couldn't find one that we loved.  So we had them narrowed down to a few "L" names, the last two being Lawson and Landon.  I looked them both up on my phone on the hospital, and when we saw Landon was one of the fastest growing names and Lawson was no where in sight of being a popular name...we went with Lawson because of the non-commonness of it.  It's not like with a mom named Remica, a dad named Flint, and a big sister named Berklie he could have a common name....lol. Cade is after his daddy's middle name which is Wade, we just changed the W to a C.  So all in all, I LOVE his name and it totally fits his little personality.  He has been such a good baby...there have been a couple of rough nights, but all in all he has done very well.  Berklie loves him, but unfortunately has strep throat right now and can't really get close to him like she would like to. :o( The day of the delivery went well, other than the doctor arriving and hour and a half late.  I was one impatient momma!!!   So, finally they got the show on the road and within about a half hour Lawson was here! YEA!  We had a TON of family and friends there to welcome him, too!  HE's a very blessed and loved little boy!  Here are some pictures from the day and once we got home!  He's such a cutie pie!!!!  

I told Flint I wanted one last shot with my belly....he got the "belly" alright!  ;o) 

There we are in all our GLORY!  LOL!

After they prepped me and checking vitals.
Berklie was freaked out to see momma hooked up to all the wires and IV. 

Mom and Dad before I went back.
We almost have this same exact picture from the day Berklie was born! 

Flint and I....anxiously awaiting Bitty Boy's arrival!!!! 

"Let's get this show on the road!"

My sisters and niece came, too! :o) 

My in-laws, too!

Scared to get in momma lap. She said, "I don't want to see them cut your belly open!"  Silly girl, we had to explain that was not going to happen.  She is one smart little girl, and has the memory of an elephant!!!  My grandma would be so proud of her! 
Braughn, Lexi, and Hailey visiting before I went back.
(I don't know why Justin and Berklie aren't in this picture, too.)

When Flint got to come in the operating room for the first time. 

Lawson Cade
7 lbs 11 oz
20 inches
and a HEAD FULL of BLONDE hair!!! 

First time I got to kiss my sweet boy! 

Daddy cutting the cord. 

Proud big sisters!

Another proud big sister! 

Grandma and Grandpa's first visit.

Papa getting to hold his boy. 

Mimi and Papa taking in their sweet boy. 

I don't think mimi wanted to give him up. ;o) 

Biggest brother Justin. 

Middlest brother Braughn. 

Hailey was excited!

The first Bigham Bunch photo with Lawson! YEA!!!! 

My brother and his family, the Heckathorn Crew , got to come from Houston, too!

KK was glad to hold him!

Aunt Amby and Brayden came from Houston, too!
Berklie got to stay  with them, mimi and papa in the "cool hotel" the night before Lawson arrived!
 She felt really special and was so excited!

He looks so much like Berklie right here!  

My friends Kristin and NIkki made it up to visit Lawson and I, and make a quick trip to Canton!
Thanks for coming, girls! 

Thanks, Mrs. Ann, for my bear hat!  It was the talk of the hospital nurses! 

My precious man in his homecoming outfit from Mimi and Papa.  Such a handsome little man!
Yes...he loves his paci! Just like his big sister.

I have no idea what was up with my camera that made him so red.  Oh well. 

All bundled up ready to go home. 

At home helping momma rock him. 

Sweet girl and boy! 

Watching TV with her baby brother.
I asked if she liked him a little, and her reply was, "No, I LOVE  HIM A LOT!"
So sweet! 

Pretty much the way he spends his day.  

First time in his swing....he likes it!  YEA!!!  These can be a life saver sometimes!