Thursday, May 29, 2008

Getting Closer!!!

I am now 30 weeks and 2 days along and the due date is quickly approaching! This past Memorial Day weekend I was what they call "nesting". I cleaned the entire house, washed curtains, bought her furniture for her room, bedding for her crib and Alexi and Hailey's bed that will stay in her room. We also decided on a first name, although her middle name is still up in the air for now. Flint and I have decided to that we want to keep it a surprise until she gets here. Although he thinks, that I am going to spill the beans - I am NOT going to budge though! Mom has already grilled me and I was strong! It was hard but I did it!
I am posting some pictures of her furniture that we got off of Craig's List for a great price and the bedding that we got new off of eBay. We were excited because it is high quality furniture that we would have not bought nor could have afforded new. LOL! It is in great condition and I was so happy that we found something we like. At all the stores we were disappointed with the quality of all the cribs. I had some other bedding picked out, but when I saw the one on eBay I feel in LOVE! Not to mention, that it comes with a lot more stuff for a better price than anything else we found in the stores or on the internet. It was amazing - I had never bidded on eBay before, but it was really neat and somewhat addiciting. My husband is a bidding mastermind - if I had done it on my own I would not have won!
Sorry, no pictures of my growing belly - I will get some up soon. Talk with you all soon and have a great rest of the week!

The dresser that is also the changing table.

The chest of drawers

Close up of Bitty Girl's bedding

Alexi and Hailey's bedding
For some reason it is not letting me post the picture of her crib. I will try to post it at a later time with some of the other post.