Sunday, December 1, 2013

Family Pictures 2013

We took our family pictures for this year's Christmas card, and man was it a little hectic!  The more people we add to our family the more difficult it!  We eventually got a few good ones, and I think they turned out really cute!  Unfortunately...Lawson was due for his afternoon nap (bad time calculation by yours truly) so there aren't any shots with his precious little smile and Berklie has her two bottom teeth missing. :-(  OH well, it could have been A LOT worse!  Here they are so enjoy!  Hopefully...I can get caught up on Lawson's monthly post before he turns one!!!! YIKES!

The Christmas card family picture. 

All the kiddos! 

The Bigham boys! 

The Bigham beauties! 

ME and my love! 

For pictures of the four of us. 

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Happy 5th Birthday Bitty Girl!

Wow!  Where did time go?!?!  July 21st has come and gone, and Berklie Faith has turned 5 years old!!!!!  This year she wanted a "Hawaii" Party, so we made it a Luau!  My in-laws moved in to their new house, so we had the party out there.  We got a bounce house, grilled hot dogs, and just had a great time visiting and watching all the kiddos play.

Since Berklie has come in to this world, she has brought so much joy with her!  Lord, knows she can drive me and her daddy crazy, but in the same breathe she can make us smile and laugh.  She is like her momma in that she is a little reserved until she gets to know you.  Then once she does, the humor, wit, and charm come out!  She loves to climb on EVERYTHING, flip on and off of EVERYTHING, loves cartoons, playing on the computer,  riding her bike and scooter, playing with her dog Trooper, dressing up, doing her makeup, playing with her baby dolls, and singing and dancing!  She has a joy for life, but gets her feelings hurt easily and has a very tender heart....especially when it comes to her family.  She is very protective over her little brother and momma, and takes up for us whenever she thinks she needs to.  Lol!  She can also be the MOST stubborn and independent child I have ever encountered!  I do appreciate this trait in ways, because I know she will be able to stand up for herself and her beliefs when that time comes.  All in all she is a beautiful, smart, caring, strong willed, free spirited little firecracker!

The last five years have FLOWN by and as I think about the future, I know she'll be graduating from high school, off to college, and then getting married and having children of her own before I can blink! She has my heart and I just hope we will stay as close as we are now forever.  She is my sunshine and the smile in my heart!  Happy 5th birthday Berklie Faith, we love you!

Her birthday Luau was a success! The loud Hawaiian shirts/dresses, leis, and flamingos were a hit!   Everyone loved the bounce house, hot dogs, and cake!  Even though it started pouring down rain at one point, that didn't put a damper on things!  For her birthday she asked for a "kiddie" fishing pole, "kiddie" guitar, roller skates, and a micorphone on a "stick".  Well, she received all of those and has played with each of them ever since the party!  She can cast a fishing pole pretty well, and is learning to skate.  Who knows....she may be the next Carrie Underwood or Taylor Swift...once she learns how to play her guitar and stay on!