Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Watch her go!

Berklie has been cruising for the longest time now, and stands by herself all the time, but she will not take off! If you just give her a little pinkie to hold onto for security, she is fine and will walk all over the place. So, Flint said she needed a push toy, and I agreed. I went to Babies-R-Us last night with Barbara and Robert, and amongst other things we left with a push toy! It is so cute! I put it together for her today and of course she did what I knew she would do - she TOOK OFF! Below are two videos that shows her in action! One is right after the bath (this explains the birthday attire), and yes I KNOW that she will hate me for this later - but it is soooooo cute!

Mother's Day Bliss

Well, my first Mother's Day was wonderful and certainly one that I will NEVER forget! We woke up that morning got Berklie in bed with us and played for about an hour. Then we got up fed her breakfast, Flint did the yard, while I cleaned and did laundry, and Berklie took a nap. Throughout the day, I got sweet Happy Mother's Day messages from the kids, friends, co-workers, and the PALs kids. Next, we went shopping and out to dinner, and after that we met the rest of the kids for ice cream. My wonderful husband and my beautiful bitty girl gave me a treat to the spa for a mani and pedi! Let's just say that they could not have given me a better present! I am in dire need of both! Where does time and money go when your a mommy?!?!?! Oh yes.....I BABY! Which there is no better place, for it to go! So we ended out night at home putting Berklie to sleep and me once again thinking God for everything that he has blessed me with! Granted, my day might not seem like much to most people, but it honestly was one of the most perfect, memorable, and important days of my life. It was my FIRST MOTHER"S DAY! I wanted to get a picture of Berklie and I together, but right after I laid her down that (of course) is when I remembered we hadn't taken one yet. So, Flint said he would take it the next day.....still no picture......this has been the absolute busiest week of the entire school year for us! So, instead of a picture of me and my Berklie, here are some of the pictures that I gave to my mom for her Mother's Day gift! I love them!