Thursday, March 7, 2013

Lawson 2 months....ALREADY?!?!

Weight: 11.5 pounds (50th percentile)
Length: 23 1/4 inches (50th percentile)
Sleep: Still sleeps a lot during the day, but wakes up ready to play!   At night he wakes about every 4-5 hours!  He's such a good sleeper.  Just wakes up, nurses, and goes right back to sleep!  Yay!
This boy still loves his sleep!
Eat: He nursers every 3-4 hours and takes breast milk bottles while I'm at work
Hair color:  Sort of a strawberry blonde and losing it
Eyes: Blue
Important Milestone: I went back to work when he was 6 weeks, so Melissa now comes to the house to watch Berklie and Lawson.  She is great!  She watched Berklie when she was little from 4 weeks until Berklie was 3!  He loves her and is a good little baby for her.  (Once again...a lot harder on momma to go back to work then it was for Lawson!) He now smiles and coos when he sees/hears people (attempts to mimic cooing noises we make at him, too) .  Smiles especially when he sees his Momma, Daddy, Berklie, and Melissa.   He has dimples on both cheeks, and it is one of my favorite things about him!!!!  They are ADORABLE on those chubby little cheekies!  He is beginning to reach and attempt to grab things.  In his bouncy seart he likes reaching for his toys and
wacking his hands on them.  He loves riding in the car, listening to Berklie sing to him, and lastly, he is a total momma's boy!  (No complaints here!) ;o)

So in love with this little chunk!

Such a little ham.

Getting tired of picture taking.

Now REALLY tired of picture taking!  :-)

Big sister keeping little brother company while he watches Baby Einstein.

Mesmerized by Baby Einstein!

Lawson 1 month

Little cutie!

I am EXTREMELY  late on getting this up, but I guess better late than never! :o)
In this picture my little tugboat is 1 month old.  I has grown so much from his little 7 lbs 11 oz in the hosiptal!  I love him more than I ever thought was possible and he is such a great baby!  Here are some milestones for his first month -

Weight: 9.3 pounds
Length: 20 inches
Sleep: he sleeps 20-22 hours a day and only awake in spurts of 15-30 minutes at a time!
This boy loves his sleep!
Eat: He nursers every 2-3 hours
Hair color:  Sort of a strawberry blonde
Eyes: Blue

Important Milestone: His first time away from momma and daddy happened early in his life.  Much too early for momma...he probably could have cared less!  I had to go back in the hospital about a week after I had him due to an infection.  I was in the hospital for three nights and 4 days without my little man and bitty girl!  It killed me!  But no worries, they were both well taken care of by their Mimi and Papa!  I was so glad to come home after 16 rounds of IV antibiotics, CT Scan, Doppler Scan, Multiple blood test, Flu test, and who knows what else!  Lawson sure was glad to see his momma, too! Thankfully my mom was able to stay with me for a week once I came home, and she was a LIFESAVER!  I am so blessed to have such wonderful parents!  

Happy Valentine's xoxoxox

Happy Valentine's from the Bigham Bunch!  Our Valentine's was full of adventures to the doctor...yuck!  Lawson had a little cold, so I took him in before it turned to something more serious.  I would have hated for him to get HPV or the Flu!  All was good, only the sniffles....thank goodness.  Here are some Valentine's pictures that I took of the kiddos together.  Enjoy!  
Look at these to cutie-pa-tooties!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Little Mr,. Heart Breaker

Her daddy got a rose.  She was so excited!

Little Miss Sweetheart

Wish Lawson was happy in this pic, but this is probably one of my favorite pictures with the kids.

Love this one too!  everyone at school that Lawson was a doll....literally!!!!  A DOLL! lol!