Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Merry Merry Christmas!

Well, Christmas has come, gone, and will be back again in no time at all! The Bigham Bunch had a busy and fun filled Christmas Break! First, we headed off to Mimi and Papa's house to celebrated with my huge side of the family! I swear it gets bigger every year, but heck...the more the merrier! We all had a blast and the kids got to play as we all enjoyed watching them. Next stop was the candle light service at church, then to Grandma and Grandpa's house to have Christmas with Flint's brother and his family. Next morning....SANTA and toys, then back to Grandpa and Grandma's house for Christmas lunch, snacking, and dinner. I am truly thankful for all of my family! The Christmas season just helps remind me, how blessed and thankful I am! Merry Christmas and Happy New year to everyone! There are a ton of pics, so enjoy!

The kids about to start playing "Jingle Ling".

Berklie's turn in Jingle Ling.

Berklie and Brayden dancing!
I love this picture!

We totally need to get her in gymnastics!

Gehrig busting a move!

Mimi with Sofi.

Off they go!

I love this pic! Brayden and Gehrig look so cute!
We tried to get them all together...not happening!

Brayden and Gehrig showing off their muscles!

The race is on!


Sofi wanted some of Berklie's action!

Berklie getting her "Magical" Unicorn Pillow Pet from Brayden, Aunt Amby, and Uncle Brad.

She loves it! Carries it everywhere!

Big girl panties from mimi and papa.

So sweet! Mom and Dad got her this baby doll, she opened it and went over and started rocking it and patting it's back.

The whole gang! It was packed!

At school my kids run a print shop. We can make posters, copies, bumper stickers, decals, and plaques, so my kids made dad a plaque for getting the Dogwood Circle Coach of the Year this year! This is dad opening it.

I got mom a picture frame that had sweet stuff about grandmothers, daughters and grand daughters and put pics of us in there. I think she liked was really cute and special.

All of us kids went in and got mom and dad a Keurig coffee pot and Wolfgang Puck cookware.

Bitty Girl on the dump truck.

Sweet girl, Sofi, all bundled up!

Just retrieved the helicopter from the neighbors back yard.

Going to have another go around.

Now Joseph getting in on the logic of flying this thing.

Papa and Mimi enjoying the family.

Looking for the helicopter.

All of the kids before church.

Me and Bitty Girl before the candle light service.

Unfortunately this is blurry, but still one of the better pics we have taken together.

On our way to church.

All of the Bigham grand-kids.

Grandpa and Grandma with all the kiddos.

The Bigham Bunch....with Berklie trying to make a run for it.

Lexi and Braughn opening up their ipod touches that Susan and Larry got them.

i love this pic! No...those aren't her teeth...she has a marshmallow in her mouth! Too funny!

Riding her stick horse.

Got tired of the stick horse and decided daddy's leg was more fun.

Love it!

Leaving cookies for Santa.

Oh so proud of doing this all by themselves.

The letter that they signed and left for Santa.

This is Flint attempting to get Berklie interested in the morning festivities....

This is what Berklie thought about that...

This is all of the kids trying to get her up so that they can all open presents.

We even tried getting her big present from Santa out to get her more interested....

Finally...about 10 minutes later she decides she likes her Rocking horse.

Yes...her horse has ribbons and flowers. On Christmas Eve I asked her again what she wanted Santa to bring her....she stuck with the rocking horse, but out of no where said...
"A pink one with ribbons and petals on it."
What???? Are you kidding me kid?!?!?! Where does she come up with this stuff?!?!?! All I can say is thank goodness for dollar tree on Christmas Eve and Flint convincing her that brown horses were prettier than pink ones!

Opening her Yo Gabba Gabba "Foofa" hipity hop that Santa brought her.

Everyone opening Santa.
He brought Hailey - Moxie Dolls and a wii Just Dance Game.
Braughn - an XBox game and cologne.
Lexi - Jeans, a top, and perfume.
Justin - A Keurig Coffee Pot and coffee

As you can tell....the Bigham kids were not hurting for any gifts!

Looking through her Mickey Mouse learning book.

Hailey got a make up kit from Flint and I, so she thought Berklie needed some makeup.

Of course, Berklie had no objection to that!
I love this face!

Berklie on her rocking horse from Santa.
She got the ballet leotard from us, and right when she opened it she had to put it on!
So cute!

Grandpa and Grandma busting into the chocolate covered cherries.

Done with Santa, now opening gifts from us.

Braughn playing on his ipod touch and wearing the coat we got him.

LOL!!! This is an awful picture.....she looks like a crazy girl!
She is trying to pose to show me her lipstick and eyeshadow that Hailey put on her.

Attempting to eat dinner.

Funny story....we have this exact same singing dog at our house, I just didn't bring it out this year because Berklie was scared of it last year. Well, my mother in law also has one and the kids got it out on Christmas Day...needless to say...Berklie is STILL terrified of the thing! She was sitting with me and it was on the shelf beside us and she pressed it's ear....she then FREAKED OUT! Literally she was hysterical! This is Flint and Justin about ten minuets later trying to get her to play with it.

FINALLY...a smile and she decided that she somewhat liked the least from a distance.

The kids playing pictureman with Aunt Deb and Uncle David.

Our little cowgirl eating some breakfast.

Modeling her new slippers that mimi and papa brought her when they came to visit.

Showing mimi and papa how her Foofa hippity hop works.

"Ooops! I fell on my hinnie!"