Tuesday, November 3, 2009

15 month well check

Berklie had her 15 month well check last week. Here are her stats -

Height - 32 1/2" the 97% percentile
Weight - 22.3 lbs the 40% percentile
Her head circumference was in the 80% percentile
Dr. London said that she is long and lean and right on track socially, physically, and cognitively. All good news, except she had to get FIVE SHOTS! Next up, 18 month well check!

Happy Halloween from a Little Bumble Bee!

Here are all of the Halloween-ish pictures that I have. The first are from the Fall Festival that we have every year at school. The PALs did face painting and funnel cakes. They made quite a bit of money. The next are of when Alice Ann, Russell, and Grace Ann came to Dallas to visit family and we met up for lunch. Then lastly it was Halloween day. ENJOY!

This is Hailey with her princess crown face paint.

Lexi, Daddy, and Berklie.

Her is Berklie's fall tu-tu that I made her.

I made the bow for the hat, too.
You know we can't go without a bow!

This was the funniest little ride.

She loved it!

She didn't want to get off when it was over.

Of course I had to walk beside the ride so she wouldn't stand up...and yes, she did try to stand up in the cart!

She was on cloud nine! Little dare devil!

Her and Justin at the Fall Festival.

Berklie, Justin, Hailey, and Braughn.
Justin painted the Tech symbol on Braughn's face. He is quite the artist!

Berklie, Me, Alice Ann, and Grace Ann

They were really cute together. I don't think they knew what to think at first.

What big girls! BFFs!

Look how much taller Berklie is than Grace Ann.
She is only a month older than her! What can I say she is a CRAZY tall girl!

This is Berklie and Matti after trick-or-treating at a nursing home in Terrell. Matti is the son of one of the ladies that I work with in life skills.
It was really cute and she had a good time! It didn't take her long at all to figure out that she could get hand fulls of candy!

This is a cute one!

Here she is....Little Miss Bumble Bee 2009!

I love it!

She thought she was the bee's knees!

Trick or treating on Halloween night at the church.

She almost fell into this bucket trying to get candy!
That's my girl!

Already trying to eat it!


Berklie's second Halloween has come and gone! It went too fast, and I wish I could dress her up all the time in whimsical little outfits! She just looks so darn cute! Before we took Berklie trick-or-treating I had to trick-or-treating for can goods with the PALs. When we got finished with that, Flint and I took Berklie up to one of the churches here in town to a trunk-or-treat. It was a little easier than going door to door with her. Maybe, next year we'll try that. ONce we got finished at the church we were going to take her by our neighbors and to see my Aunt Mary, but their lights were already off, so I guess they can come to the blog to check out her costume. So, here are some pics - hope you enjoy!

We're back!!!!!

For some reason it is acting funny - so the explanation is at the bottom of this post. Sorry. :-(
All of the pictures are in backwards order, too. The most recent are at the first, and early August are at the bottom.

Berklie likes to put her feet on the table and the rest of her body on the couch and balance.

On top of the coffee table.
Lovely - I know.

What a cutie!

Look at those eyes!

We have to have our sparkle shoes!

This is her flirting.

She love to run up to the camera now, so sometimes I have difficulty catching her while she is still.

This is Berklie with one of my PALs at the game.

Berklie at the homecoming pep rally with a "mum" that one of the senior girls gave her.

Berklie with her Justin.

She was intensely watching our dream team perform a dance to "Thriller".

Her running around in circles at the pep rally.

Her dancing at the pep rally while the band plays.

How cute is she?!?!?

Berklie with her papa reading a book.
She loves to read now! Is she my child?!?!?!

This was taken at Joseph and Jenny's new house. Her and Brayden were looking at the dogs. I think she has on Tyler's hat.

Brayden, Tyler, and Gehrig.

Brayden and Berklie playing in Gehrig's room.

Brayden and papa.

This is new "Little Miss" Sofia Grace.

She is a doll and Berklie is very fond of her.

Watch out her comes the HULK!

Is this not too funny?!?!?

Her and Gehrig playing on the couch. She loves Gehrig and Brayden - she becomes a little tomboy around them.

At first when she saw this horse she was scared, but once the boys got on and showed her how it was done.....of course she HAD to do it then.

She ending up liking it a lot!

Berklie in her cheerleader outfit for the first game.

This is us! I guess one of the better pictures we have taken. There are not many that are all that good - so I can't be that picky anymore. LOL!

This is Berklie trying to share her paci with Sugarbaby. Needless to say, Suggie was too interested.

A picture of all the girls.
Yes, Suggie is still kickin'!

Ok, our Internet has been down, so it is almost like we fell off the face of the earth! But, we're back, and boy have we been busy!!!! Here is the scoop -

August was in full swing with the start of school, football for Flint and Justin, volleyball for Lexi, football for Braughn, and soccer for Hailey! Anything I am leaving out......?????? Think I got it all....

September we were still in full swing with sports, but now I have a ton of stuff to do with PALs and Flint and I are senior class sponsor, too. Needless to say with teaching, sponsoring PALs and senior, and Flint in football we have been going NON-STOP!

October unfortunately Flint's grandmother, Memaw Pat, passed away. So, this month did not start out all that grand. Then my Aunt Mary's husband passed about a week or two later. The month not getting any better. I now have double duty at work, because I am taking over for the Life Skills teacher until further notice. Therefore, I have my upstairs English and Reading classes half the week and the other half I am down stairs in Life Skills. Talk about staying busy! I will admit I am a little stressed, but I am really enjoying Life Skills. The kids are precious, and the two ladies that are the paraprofessional are wonderful! So, I will be going back and forth until further notice. PALs is going well, the kids have raised a ton of money to go to Austin for the convention. The senior stuff is fun, I have been kinda been the go to person and the one delegating all the events. We are having prom at South Fork Ranch. It is the place where they use to film the t.v. show Dallas. It should be super fun - I am really excited for the kids!

November is here! Our last home football game and parent's night is this Friday. If we win, we will go to the play offs and play next Thursday the 12th. So, keep your fingers crossed for us. Even though I am getting a little tired of football, Flint and Justin have worked REALLY HARD to get to the play offs.....so I just need to suck it up. My birthday is coming up too on the 13th. Can you believe I am going to be 29?!?!?! I can't! One more year until 30! Although, if the next 30 years are as good as the last few years, I can't wait!

Now on to pictures!!!!! I have a lot to post since we haven't been updating regularly. here they are!