Sunday, November 30, 2008

Tis' the Season

I put up my tree yesterday and decorated some of the outside. We still need to put up the lights on the house though. As you all know, I love Christmas! I know that this year it is going to be even more special then in years past. I can not wait to wake up with Berklie on Christmas morning. Even though I know she is not old enough to realize what is going on, it is still going to be a blast. Her first Christmas, and my first Christmas as a mommy, and mine and Flint's first Christmas as mommy and daddy together. I know it will only get better, but what a nice way to start! Here are some pictures of the decorations - Berklie had a good time watching me put it all up while she was in her jumparoo!

Here is our Texas themed Christmas Tree.

I still have to make Berklie's stocking. The kids and I made all of ours the first Christmas we had together. I think they are really cute!

Our front entry way - I have some more stuff I just don't know if I want to put it out or not.

All jumped out!

My awesome sister, Amby, gave Berklie a jumparoo! Man, this thing is great! She loves it, as you can tell in the following pictures! These are too funny.

Playland heaven!

Her feet barely touch, but when they do - she is off!

I put her in it this morning, and let her watch her Baby Einstein, while I got some decorating finished. This was what happened!

I laughed a good while and had to get out the camera.

At this point she was in such a deep sleep that her paci has fallen out. She usually doesn't sleep with her mouth open, but she has a stuffy nose.

No, I am not a terrible mother and I didn't leave her in it. I moved her to her bed, and she never moved or woke up while in the transition. She is such a sweet girl!

Gobble, Gobble! Happy Thanksgiving!

We made the trek over to the big town of Oakwood to my parents' house for Thanksgiving! We had a great time and of course ate way tooooo much. Berklie got to play with her cousins and eat her first Thanksgiving dinner....well, her first mashed potatoes that mi-mi made her. We took our new family picture too, since we have had so many new additions since our last picture. Here are all of the pictures, with a course a little dialogue. I hope you all had a great and restful Thanksgiving.

Happy Girl on her first Thanksgiving!

Blue Eyed Brayden. He is such a doll. He and Berklie really hit it off.

Joseph with Gehrig. You can't tell they're father and son, can you???

Bitty Girl's first bite of mashed potatoes. This was the first time she ate out of a spoon. I think she was a little shocked, but she did a great job!

Since then, we have been giving her cereal and she is ok with it. She still prefers her bottle though.

I thought this bib was so cute!

Berklie in the exersaucer - she loved it!

Take notice of the cheetah tights. LOL!

All of the eating and playing can take a toll on a girl, and her daddy.

This was the only time she took a nap that day until we got in the car to leave. Talk about cranky! She didn't want to miss a thing and fought going to sleep all day long!

After lunch we took a little rest, cleaned up, and then started taking pictures.
This first one is mom and dad. Aren't they cute? We all loved this picture!

This is John-Thomas and his girlfriend Brenna. They both go to Sam Houston State -
Eat'em Up! Go Bearkats!!!!

The Heckathorn crew - Jenny, Gehrig, and Joseph.

The Griffith kids - John-Thomas, Kaytlin, and Tyler. Can you believe how old they are!!!!
Makes me feel really old!

The Griffith's - Tyler, Kaytlin, Brenna, Vickie, Thomas, and John-Thomas.

I love this picture - he looks so sweet.

The whole gang!

The Clinkscale's - Amby, Brayden, and Brad.

The Bigham's - Remica, Berklie, and Flint.
Not the best picture of us, but Berklie looks cute.
This is the pettiskirt that her mi-mi had made for her.
She also has a pink one that is even fluffier than this one! They are adorable!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Four months and kickin'!!!!

Well, it's official, I am four months old. Man, time flies when you are having fun. I am always on the go with daddy and mama, and we have so much fun together. We go to football games, shopping, my brothers and sisters' events, grandma and grandpa's house, & my mi-mi and pa-pa's house where I get to hang out with Sugar-Baby. Mama tells me that I am such a big girl now that I have had my first sleep over away from her. I got to spend the night with my Aunt Vickie a couple of weeks ago. and I had a great time getting spoiled! I am ready for Thanksgiving to come. We are going to mi-mi and pa-pa's to have lots of good food. Although, mama says that I can not taste it until next year. I get to see all of my cousins! This is the first time we are all going to be together since I have been here. I think we are going to get along great together as long as they aren't bossy! HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Eat lots of turkey and dressing for me! MUAH~ Berklie

I like to smile a lot now. Mama and Daddy get kicks out of it.

I am getting so big. I have my four month check up tomorrow.
I am preparing myself for the shots - I think mama is more worried about it than I am!

I am laughing at my big sister Hailey - she is a pretty funny gal!

Yes, I said, "....ONE MILLION DOLLARS!'

I have mastered the bumbo seat! I think I might try it on my own here pretty soon.

Mama scared me!

But...then she made me laugh! She's pretty funny sometimes!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Here we go!

We have some exciting news - Bitty Girl rolled over tonight! She actually has done it twice before when she was about 2 months, but she has not done it since then. Tonight she was on her play mat and I was on the couch. I looked down and she was trying her hardest to get over. I sat and watched her struggle for a good minute or so, then "plop" over she went! So, "here we go" - before we know it she's going to be walking and I will not have time to rest! How FUN!

Here are some pictures of Berklie that I took this weekend. She was all dolled up when we went to Braughn's football game on Saturday. Honestly, it might have been the cutest she has ever been! I didn't get a full length, but she was decked out in her denim tennis shoes with pink sheer shoes laces that Mi-Mi and Pa-Pa gave her, with her blue jeans, pink onsie, and her blue jean jacket. She looked too cute for words. I was going to take a full length at the restaurant when we went to eat dinner, but Berklie Faith had other plans! She decided to have a little accident! Thank goodness that it was not as bad as our previous restaurant experience - yes, you all know which one I am talking about! Anyways, here are the pics, as well as some of Flint and the kids.

Alexi, Justin, and Braughn. Hailey was being a turkey and wouldn't get in the pic.

This is the better picture of the 2, but the color isn't all that great.

The color here is much better, the sun was just right.
they are all so cute!

She is finally smiling when I get out the camera, rather than looking at me like I am crazy!

All of these are smiles going into talking. That is why she looks so hilarious.

This one I love.
"Hi Mi-Mi & Pa-Pa!"
"Come see me this weekend!"

Berklie with her Big Sister Hailey.
I printed out this picture for Hailey and she would not put it down! It was so cute.
Not that this will happened ANYTIME soon - but she was talking about how much she loved having a little sister, so I asked her if she wanted a little brother and she said no. I asked why not and she replied - I don't like little brothers. I asked how do you know, you don't have one? She said, I don't like boys! Too funny!

At Big Brother Braughn's football game.

Miss Little Blue Eyes saying "Hi!"

I love this one! She looks so innocent and precious!
This one and the one above it are my favorite pictures to date.
I am sure there will be a ton more "favorite" pictures to come!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Ropes Course

For all of you that know you you k now that I am TERRIFIED of heights! My PALS kids and I went on a team building ropes course this past weekend in Tyler, TX. We all had a great time and learned some good team building exercises, and some of us even conquered our fears...well kind of conquered the. The last thing we did was climb a telephone pole 20 feet in the air and then walk across another pole to propel off. Oh my gosh! I was seriously scared! It took me a while to let go of what I was hanging on to start to walk across. My legs were shaking uncontrollably and at one point I teared up in a nervous fear! All of my kids were a great help being very supportive. Honestly, their encouragement was the only thing that got me across that pole! Anyways, those of us who went (we were missing 6 of our kids) had an awesome time! We are going to try to go again in the spring as an entire group. That way we can get to the other high ropes activities...and I can over come my fears again! LOL! It really was an experience that I will never forget and I hope that the kids won't either. Take a look at some of the pictures we took. My kids really like to take my camera and go wild! They crack me up!

They go from the end to the of the day to the beginning day...sorry they are backwards.
This is one of the last pictures we took with the rock wall. Here are the kids doing their always cute goofy picture!

We didn't get to do the rock wall, but maybe next time!

Look how tall that thing is!

These two are me coming down from walking across the pole.
The kids wanted me to do a Spiderman imitation!

Me walking across. As you can tell I am holding on to the rope for stability. The facilitator told me to walk with my arms out to the side - yeah, I was having none of that!

Talking myself into letting go of the pole and start walking!

Another Spiderman imitation!

Obviously she is not scared!

Justin, who is also scared of heights, did a great job!

On the way up!

Look at that bravery!

This is an exercise where they all had to fit on this little plank. The first two they had to fit on were much bigger and they did great. Needless to say this size took them a great deal of time! They succeeded though!

Here is one of their strategies of all fitting. Needless to say, this attempt didn't turn out too well.

This one got them really frustrated! They were all tied together and had to follow a trail!

This is at the beginning before tempers started to flare!

Here they were blind folded and had to make a square out of a rope.

Before they made a square they had to walk around blind folded and find the rope! These two girls walk right over it a couple of times and finally realized what it was. It was hilarious!

Here they was making a pizza - they had to throw it up clap twice, turn around, and catch it.

They are doing the same thing! It really was neat watching their strategies.

The group when we first arrived. Don't they all look so excited? Also, take notice at Justin - he is the one with the white "girls" beanie and the turquoise sunglasses ith rhinestones. What a goofball!