Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Follow up pics of the Rodeo

Last ride of the day....and a meltdown.

Better now that the ride is going.


The pirate ship!

On the left Me and Berklie and in the center cart is Brad and Brayden.

"Hi, Amby!"

...the walk up...not as much fun!

Enjoying the day.

Me, Amby, Berklie and Brayden.

Our Lil' Fairy and Bball Boy!
sidenote:> Berklie wanted to get her face painted at the aquarium and we ran out of time. She mentioned it later that night when we were going to bed...she started crying and I asked what was wrong and she replied," I wanted my face painted like a fairy." I told her maybe when we go to the rodeo we can get it done. needless to say, she did not forget about it. As we pulled in to park today, she saw the carnival and said, "I want my face painted like a fairy!" So, here you go....here's her face painted like a fairy! Little cutie!

They both had on their western wear for the day...well at least they had on pearl snap shirts...lol!

"Uh-oh!" I wouldn't want theses two as my rodeo clown!


This longhorn was HUGE!

I saw this walking in to the rodeo. I told Amby we have to take picture! She was a bit reluctant...she took it, but with a gig'em sign rather than a longhorn sign!
We had to respresent "T-Town!"

Playing in the yard while Brad was cooking.

Berklie freaked out when I tried to pick it up. It was hilarious!

Of course we had to get the sidewalk chalk!
Yo Gabba Gabba it was!

"Yo Gabba Gabba!"

The Beginning of Spring Break 2011

Well, spring break is almost over...H-U-G-E SIGH!!! Time certainly flies when you're having fun! Berklie and I headed down to Houston for the first part of Spring Break. We had Lil' Baby Te's baby shower on Saturday, and Berklie and Brayden hung out with Amby and Brad. Then on Sunday, Amby and Brad took us to the Downtown Aquarium for a day filled with fun and adventure! The kids had a blast looking at the fish and riding all the rides. On Monday it was raining so off to mall to let the kids play instead of the park. After that we headed home dropped off the kids with Brad for a nap, then Amby and I were off to get pedicures and some sister time! Ten shiny pink toes and ten zebra toes later we were back home and Brad cooked out for us all......steak....baked potatoes....and beer....yum! There is nothing like the Houston RODEO and that where we were off to on Tuesday! Tons of fun, carnival food, rides, face painting and we're back home! Tomorrow we are all off to mom and dad's house in Oakwood to visit with my dad's cousin and his wife from Pennsylvania! It should be a great time catching up! To all of my teacher family and friends, try to enjoy the rest of your spring break! Just think...only two and a half more months and we're out for SUMMER!!!! YEA!!!!!! Enjoy the pics and video at the end! More Rodeo pics to come later with pics from mom and dad's too!
P.S. Congrats to Alice Ann on her new lil' man, Henry Wade! We can't wait to meet him and give him hugs and kisses!


Yes, it's a real longhorn!

A little scared at first.

The Carousel at the Aquarium.

Aunt Amby and Uncle B having fun!


Bounce house fun!

"I won a ball!"

Dancing queen!

"I'm a manic...manic!"

On the Ferris Wheel...not too excited about it!

The Clinkscales!

Berklie ran off in this photo booth....needless to say I was right behind her...and yes...she got a little spanking!

...but she still loves me!


Momma's girl!

This tiger was H-U-G-E! It would come right up to the window! Freaked us out!

This one's cute!

Amby and Brayden boy!

This was under the sting ray tank.

Attempting to touch a starfish....not successful.

The sting rays we got to pet.

"I don't know about this, Brayden..."

"I do! This is awesome!"

"This is more my speed!"

Captain Berklie

This was the train we got to ride through the shark tank.


The Clinkscale Clan