Thursday, January 28, 2010

18 month check up

Well, on Tuesday we had Berklie's 18 month check up. When the doctor came in and said, "Wow! What a pretty little 18 month old girl!" I got watery eyed and thought to myself..."WOW! Time flys!" It feels like yesterday we were at her 2 week check. It is funny how somethings stay soooo vivid in your memory. I told Flint that I got emotional and he said, "Yep, before you know it she"ll be where Justin is at." I know it's crazy, but time flies when your having fun! I just wish she could stay a baby just a little longer though, but I can't wait to watch her grow up to become a beautiful woman!

Stats from her check up:

Length - 33 1/2 inches - 94 %
Weight - 24 pounds - 45%
Head circumference - 85%
Dr. London said based on mine and Flint's height she will probably be about 5'8". Sounds great to me! She can be my little vball player!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Justin's Athletic Banquet

It feels like only yesterday that Justin was starting high school! Four short years later and a FOOT we are on the down slope of his SENIOR YEAR! Tonight was the Fall Sports Banquet and Justin received 1st team all-district punter, all-district academic, and all-state honorable mention academic. Flint and I are both very proud of him, and of course Berklie is too! Justin was accepted into Baylor and has received a $60,000 merit scholarship through them for his ACT scores. He was in the top 96 percentile in the nation with his scores! Great job Justin! Enjoy the pics everyone!

LOL! This is what she does when you ask her to show you her teeth. Too cute!
She reminds me of a Campbell's Soup kid when she does it!

Flint calling out the football team.

Justin getting his award. He's taller than all the coaches!

Going back to his seat. Berklie was trying to get his attention, but he didn't look up.

"Berklie, show momma your teeth!"

I love this candid shot!

We were both trying to get her attention.

She loves her bubba!

Flint, Berklie, and Justin

Justin and Flint.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Past few months in pictures

Our Christmas tree.
We did something different this year from our Texas theme.
I loved it! Can't wait until next year to put it up again!

Papa with Bitty Girl.

She loves her Papa!

Blurry picture of Gehrig.

Little bird eating.

Brayden man eating some dressing.

Don't ask me what is up with her bow?!?!?!

Berklie, Hailey, Gehrig, and Brayden at Thanksgiving at Mimi and Papa's house.
They got the kids this cute little table for them to eat at when they are all at the house.

They were all so cute to watch. They just sat there and ate like ladies and gentlemen. Love it!

Playing the piano at Uncle Lance's house.
Could she be the next Mozart?!?!?

Berklie playing with Grandpa. This is such a cute picture!

Too cute!

Berklie playing with a keyboard at Uncle Lance's house for Thanksgiving.

Justin and his girlfriend Halee after his birthday dinner.

All of us (except Lexi) at Justin's 18th bday dinner.
Lexi had practice.

Justin with Larry and Susan after dinner.

Justin and Braughn singing "Bye, bye, bye" by Thanks Joe's Crab Shack for loving to embarrass people on their birthdays!

Getting ready to bust a move!

Berklie helping her bubba open a birthday present.

Here are some of the kids and teachers at our Life Skills' Thanksgiving Dinner.
The kids made most of the food, and then they made the place mats.

A picture of the decorated tables for the Thanksgiving lunch.

Here we all are at my birthday dinner. Well, almost all of us....Lexi had a game that night, so she couldn't make it.

Momma, Daddy, and Bitty Girl.
Happy 29th Birthday!

Berklie and her bubba sticking out their tongues at me!

The kids at my birthday dinner. They love to pose!
What cuties!

Me and Bitty Girl on my 29th bday!
Only one more year until the big 3-0!

I guess we look a little a like. Whatcha think?

Awe...sweet girl!

Here is Berklie with Flint. I got her this balloon - is it not the cutest thing ever?!?!?!


Berklie playing in her car one night.

Lexi and Justin after the game.

Justin and Flint

Braughn and Flint walking out to the field.

I have never really thought that Justin and Flint look alike, but in this picture you can certainly tell they are father and son!

This was the senior night football game.
Susan and Flint escorted Justin.

Justin at the senior black out pep rally.
The seniors did a dance in the dark to black lights. It was pretty cool.

These are my kiddos and my aides. Love 'em!

This is Berklie with her babysitter, Melissa, at the senior pep rally.
It was a glow in the dark pep rally, so we made her a shirt and she had a glow stick. LOL!
Her shirt said I <3>

Us goofing around one night!

We both look a little out of it!

Our PALs float for the homecoming parade.
Looks like a small group, but not everyone was there.

Justin was on the Homecoming Court for King, and Susan escorted him the night of the game.