Sunday, August 2, 2009

Is it here already?!?!?!?

So, tomorrow is the start of Texas High School Football Two-a-Days. The coaches look forward to them, the players are anxious for them, and the coaches' wives dread them! Just kidding, I don't dread them...I love going to all the games...hell, I don't know any different! For the past 28 years this is what I have done every Friday night starting the month of August and most of the time lasting till late November! Yes, crazy I know, but I would not want it any other way! I had the best time "growing up" on the field as a little girl, on the track in junior and high school cheering on my dad, brother and classmates, and now in the stands cheering on my husband and stepson. Who would have thought that my life would end up being a coach's wife!

Flint has been working all summer up at school, but now he will be up there pretty much 24-7. You think I am lying, but really.... he will be up there A LOT! Ask a wife to any coach and they will tell you the same thing. In fact Berklie and I went up there tonight to help him with some stuff and we did not leave until 10:45 and he just now walked in at 1:05 a.m. Sooooooo....yes, it has already begun! Fun, fun!

Berklie had fun tonight and I think she did last year. So I am sure this year being able to run around and play with her friends she will like it even more. Momma might not like chasing her as much as being able to sit, watch and enjoy the game but I wouldn't have it any other way!

So, don't expect any blogs on Firday nights, because I will be busy cheering on one of the many athletes/coaches that are in my family!

(Side note to the hubby:)
Good luck this season, baby doll! We'll be in the stands cheering you on! We love you with all of our hearts~ Remica and Bitty Girl

(Side note to Justin:)
Get after them this year! We love watching you play! Have a great senior year! We love you! Remica and Berklie Faith

(Side note to Dad:)
Good luck this season in 6 man! You will do great! Hope we get to come and watch a game! Love you bunches! Remica and Bitty Girl

(Side note to Joseph my brother:) Good luck in your first season at Hubbard as Head Football/Athletic Director! Your going to do great! Love you! Remica and Berklie

(Side note to Brad my brother-in-law:) Good luck with those Bobcats this year! BFND!
Love you! Aunt Monkey and Berklie

(Side note to Tyler my nephew:)
Go get 'em at Sul Ross State! You'll do great and we love you! Go LOBOS! Remica and Berklie

As you can tell
is a

This is Berklie's first football game last year!
Can you believe how little she was?!?!?

This is us after the first football game last year....
yes, yes, she was STILL AWAKE!!!!
I am sure it will be no different this year! LOL!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Whatcha think?

I was surfing the web looking for some bloomers for Berklie and saw these embellished overalls on a website and thought..."Hey, I can do that." So, I did and here they are. What do you think? I can make matching bows!!!! LOL! I am going to have Berklie's name or initials embroidered on the chest.

The one above I made Grace Ann for her birthday.
I also made her a matching bow and socks that I gave to her this past weekend.
It is all going to look so cute together!
Alice Ann, you'll have to take pics and send them to me!

Berklie's 1st Birthday Party!

Yes, yes, I has been a long time since I have blogged - and I have needed to post Berklie's birthday pics for quite some time, too. So here they are - ENJOY!

PS - Thanks Vickie for taking all the pics! They are great!

This was her birthday party invitation that I made for her.
Not to brag or anything, but I thought they were super cute! LOL!

Just a shot of her birthday dress and bow.

A shot of all the presents.
Is she spoiled or what?!?!?

This is a pic of her in her decorated highchair before she ate her bday hot!

Shot of all of her cakes - we over estimated and were hungry when we went shopping.
Can you tell?

Here is a picture of my sister Vickie holding Barbara and Robert's little girl Chloe.
Berklie LOVES the babies - Chloe has a twin sister Caroline.

People enjoying the party.

Berklie playing with her cousin Brayden and Gehrig in a pool without!

About to go down the slide with her cousin Cat.

What a doll!

The Birthday Girl with her Momma.

Her cupcake cake, that was a shaped like a cupcake.

A pic of her individual cake.

Her and Brayden playing.
She is in her bloomers and birthday bib getting ready for cake.

It freaked her out when we sang to her, but she didn't cry.
I think if I had 30 people sing and crowding me, I would be a little freaked as well.

I had to blow out her candle - she was kind of lost.
I guess we should have practiced!

First bite.

Now we're talking!

Then she went in with both hands!
That's our girl!

Love this one!

My sister-in-law Jenny (pregnant with my niece Sofia -yeah!) holding Caroline, and my niece Kaytlin holding Chloe! Berklie's BFFs!

IT was a packed house!

Showering her off after the cake!
She took her spoon and also tried to eat the washed off cake off the shower floor!
She didn't succeed though.

Outfit change to open presents.
This is the doll baby that Mimi and Papa gave her.

Her giving the baby hugs and kisses.

The car that Mimi and Papa got for her!
She loves it - especially CLIMBING in and out!
She scares my old neighbors have to death!

In the car with her doll baby.