Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Girl's weekend at the beach

We had a great girl's weekend and Alice Ann was gracious to have us at her in-laws island house in Corpus Christie.  It was awesome getting to catch up and letting all the kids play together.  Poor Henry was waaayyyy out numbered by girls, but he'll have a partner in crime soon enough! ;o) I have the best friends a girl could ever ask for, and I love each of you so much!  See you all around Chirstmas (although we might have to meet in Dallas this year, considering I'll be due any day.) 
Day one...Grace Ann and Berklie ready to roll n' roll!!

Caroline and Chloe loved the sand!

Lucy loved it ALL!

GA playing in the sand.

Berk making a dash for the water and waves.

The girls eating their smores!  


Now that's a smores smile!

Baby bother might have to watch out when he gets here....Bitty Girl likes the bouncy chair!  Crazy girl!

Lucy and Berk chillin'! Day two.

Alice Ann and Barb

Love these pics!

Sweet momma Sara with Sweet Lucy girl!

I think you should do it this way! 

Me and my sweet (tall) girl!


And she's off....

Sweet girl!

So serious!

Chloe, Barbara, and Caroline posing for a quick pic!

Mr. Henry playing in the sand.

GA having some fun!

Our camp for the day!

Building castles!

Before lunch I get a quick pic.

They're feeding the fish the rest of the fries.

enjoying some strawberry ice cream.


Sara, Lucy, Barb, and Chloe.

Alice Ann, Sara, Lucy, and Me.

Barb, Sara, Lucy, and Me. 

Berklie's 4 year check up

Well, let's just say that the 4 year check up was NOT fun, but we did survive after three shots and blood drawn! The doctor and nurses were super impressed with Berklie! First she had to go through all the nomrs of blood pressure, weight, height, hearing test, and eye test.  She did well at all, and when asked what a symbol was on her eye test she stated, "That's an upside down trapezoid."  She was a little confused as to why laughter broke out in the nurses station....to her that is exactly what it was and I will stand up for her....it did look like an upside down trapezoid!  I guess they don't get many four year olds that know what a trapezoid is.  :o) Then when the doctor came in, she was pleased that Berklie had written her name on the magna-doodle and said she was going to ask her to write some letters, but since she can write her name they can skip that part. Then she proceeded to ask Berklie "Why her mom and dad  have a car???"  Berk's answer was this exactly, "Well, because if they didn't have a car they couldn't go anywhere."  Doctor's reply, "Well, true, but they could walk, run, or ride a bike to get places..."   Berk's answer to that, "Yes, but that would be really hard."  Doctor...laughing.  Next question was, "Why do we have refrigerators?" Berk's answer, "Well, because if we didn't have refrigerators we wouldn't have anywhere to put our food."  Doctor, "We can put stuff in the pantry." (We don't call it a pantry, so I had to explain to Berklie where our pantry was.) Then the doctor asked why do we put food in the fridge?  Berk's reply, "Well, because if we didn't our food wouldn't stay cold."  The entire question process the doctor was just laughing and smiling and commented on how smart she was and how well she speaks. I thought to myself, (In a house of 7 about to be 8, she has to speak well otherwise she'd never get heard!)  After that she checked her all out and told me we had to go get some allergy test because Berklie has had allergic reactions to pistachios.  The doctor left and in came the nurse with the shots!!!  Berklie was on the table and I leaned over her to lay her down then the nurse was quick and gave the 3 shots in no time!  Of course Berklie screamed bloody murder, but once I picked her up she calmed down within about 5 seconds and said, "That hurted way worse then a bee sting, momma!"  (I had been telling her that it would just feel like a little bee sting)  All I could do was laugh and tell her she did a great job and now we can go get ice cream.  That made her happy! Then on Friday we went for her allergy test which her blood had to be drawn.....one word people....HORRIBLE!!!!  I had to restrain her myself, and that little stinker is STRONG!  It's amazing how fear gives strength to people!  Anyways, after a little wrestling, persuading, crying, screaming, and calming down she did great.  I will say that I hope she does not have to go through that again for a while!  So that was our adventure of the four year old check up!!!!  Her are her stats:

Height 42 in - 90%
Weight 36 lbs - 65%
Hearing - Perfect
Eye Sight - 20/30 and 20/40 (Dr. wants her to go get her eyes checked even though she thinks it will correct itself.  Since the others wear glasses, she wants to be safe.)