Friday, October 31, 2008

Daddy's Halloween Football Game!

No trick-or-treating for us this year, just our weekly dose of Friday Night Lights in Quinlan, Texas. I was busy back in forth between watching the game and the PALS booth with mommy - she wears me out! I had fun though - relaxing, seeing everyone, and posing for some pictures. Mommy says I am such a good baby!

Here is one of my Halloween onsies. I had three wardrobe changes!

Mommy thought I looked really CUTE, so she took a TON of pictures!

I am really fascinated with my Halloween socks! I have 3 pairs of those, too!

Aren't I cute?

Ohhhhh mannnn, I could really go for some candy right now! Only if I had teeth!

Me with Justin! I call him Bubba. He did a good job in his game tonight!

These two are me with my awesome daddy! I love him so much - he makes me smile a lot!

Everyone knows when you are a little kid at a football game you have to meet the mascot! These are my first pictures with Pom-Pom the Panther - I liked her, but we will see how it goes next year when I am older. My friend Mikey cried tonight when he saw the panther - I wonder what happened?

The game caught my attention in this one! Go Panthers!

This is my great grandma Me Maw Pat. This was the first time I have met her. She is really sweet, she let me relax in her lap for most of the game!

Here I am with mommy. Her kids got a hold of her and put some sparkly stuff on her eyes. I couldn't exactly figure out what it was, but it was really fun to look at!

Hey, what did you expect? It had been a long night...a girl has to get her "Beauty Sleep!"

Cat "Baby" Lady

Here is what Berklie wore on Halloween to our pep rally at school. I thought she looked so cute! The topper has to be the bow! I love it! The pictures below go in a very funny sequence. I can just hear this conversation when she gets older.

"You didn't see me do anything mom."

"Oh, so you did see it?"

Ahhhh - ohhhhh!

"Am I really in trouble?"

"I really didn't mean to do it." "Honest."

How can you resist that face?

Thursday, October 30, 2008


Here are Berklie's Halloween cards that I made to send out. I had a tough time choosing so Justin and Flint helped me out! HAPPY HALLOWEEN to you guys and be careful if you have plans....we will be at Daddy and Justin's football game - Go Panthers!

This is the card we went with.
The picture is the same on all the cards.
I just thought she looked adorably perplexed about what was going on - not to mention looking at me like I am crazy...LOL!

This is the one that is up in Dr. Gillean's office on her brag board.
They just love to see us coming.
Dr. Gillean and all the nurses have to hold her, and believe me she doesn't mind one bit!

I thought it would be cute to make one of the cards look like candy corn, but I didn't like it as much as I thought I would. It's cute - just not my favorite.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Girls!

Her are pictures of the "old" girls & the "new" girls from when mom, Berklie, and I went down to Cleveland for Grace Ann's baptism . Alice Ann and I had so much fun growing up together, and hopefully "our" girls will get to have that experience with one another too ! I just wished we lived a little closer to each other! AA, MOVE TO DALLAS! You know you want to! :-)

The oldies....

The newbies....

It is funny, because Alice Ann and I always wore the same size clothes growing up, yet our bodies were built completely different. I think it might be the same case with these two!
It is always nice to have two closets!
Aren't they adorable?

...and lastly, me with my "Bitty Girl"

Thanks Aunt Amby for taking the cute picture!
I love how her face is all mushed up and shows off her chubby cheeks!
What a DOLL!

Random Shots

I find myself taking the most random pictures of Berklie. Of course I try to take them of the important events, but there are just times when I think she looks so beautiful and serene that I can not help but snap away! Here are just a few. Isn't she beautiful? I might just be a LITTLE partial!

Here are some that I took of her one night.
She was just taking a cat nap before her bath.

I love this one. Look at that little nose and those full lips!

These two were on the day that I took her most kissable baby pictures. I was just testing out some poses, but needless to say they didn't work. She looks to cute in her matching bow and onsie though!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Our Lil' "Fluffy" Pumpkin

I know I said that she was going to be a flower for Halloween, which I still have to take those pictures, but I thought this was sooooooooo adorable! She also had to take some pictures with her cousins, the monkey, and the sailor! I love it!

Amby & Brad's Lil' Monkey, Brayden.

The Great Pumpkin, The Lil' Monkey, and The Super Sailor!

Could we get anymore tulle?

This one is my favorite!
She is probably thinking - "Mom, could you please hurry this up?"

"Really, mom, please?"

""Ok, mom, you are really starting to make me angry! Hurry it up!"

Monday, October 6, 2008

Most KISSable Baby!

Well, I entered Berklie into 106.1 Kiss FM "DFW's Most Kissable Baby" Contest! I took some pictures of her last night and sent one in. I had no idea about the contest until Friday when some of my kids and co-workers mentioned it to me. I checked it out and the entries were due last night, so I got out the camera and started shooting. Not that I didn't have a gazillion pictures already - oh well, a few more never hurts! So, if you are interested in voting for the most kissable baby you can go vote online at (and when you get to the web page choose the Dallas station) starting next Monday, October 13 until Thursday, October 16. Each week they narrow down the entries based on votes, first to the top 100, then to the top 25, then to the top 5, and the WINNER! I would love for you all to vote for Berklie, but if there is another baby you think is kissable vote for them. I know who I will be voting for ....Bitty Girl!!!!! I can not wait to see how she does! Here are some of the pictures that I took and worked on last night. Talk with you all soon!

I think she looks so peaceful in this one.

This one is pretty cute too! Not that I am partial or anything....LOL!

She had to have one with her paci.

Here she is hamming it up!

This one is the one I sent in for the contest!
Hopefully, it will do well!