Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Here is a little collage of my sweet bitty girl, Berklie Faith! It was such a beautiful day that we decided to go to the park......and of course I brought my camera! This little girl has had a lot of pictures taken of her in the short 2 years she has been on Earth, but these have to be some of my FAVORITES!!! (I caught her mid-sneeze! LOVE IT!) I love you sweet girl, and I had a wonderful time at the park with you today! ~Love~ Momma

Monday, May 2, 2011

Berklie's New Toy

Berklie got a little spoiled over the weekend with a few new toys. First off, Mimi and Papa came in to town and bought her a Little People "carnival" set. It is so cute! It has a working ferris wheel, a popcorn stand, and a game stand with two little people. Then later on that day we had a birthday party to go to and on the way Flint spotted a garage sale that had a lot of nice kid toys....so I said we would stop on our way back if they were still there. Well on the way back, they were still there. So keeping my promise, I stopped and took a look. I found a cute Little People jungle set with all the animals included and an adorable doll house. Both were in good shape and I asked the lady how much she wanted for each and she said $1o for both...heck yeah!!!! SOLD! So I brought them home, cleaned them up, and off she went. She seriously has not stopped playing with everything since she got them! Then at Wal Mart today, I had to get her some accessories for the house....come on...you can't have a house without furniture and dolls!!! Needless to say, she thought the furniture was the bees knees! End of the story....Berklie Faith will not be getting any little surprises for a while....or at least until her birthday! :-)~ Enjoy the pics!

Having "mom" walk up the stairs.

"Mom" giving baby a good night kiss.

"Mom" walking to baby's room.

She was having so much fun!
She was making the dolls talk to one another...actual conversations, people!
Pretty amazing conversations for a two year old!

I love this pic...a little blurry, but still cute.

Showing off new toy!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Brayden's bday and Easter 2011

We traveled to Houston for Brayden Man's 3rd Birthday with the family at the beginning of April. It was a blast! Brayden and Berklie fight like cats and dogs, but ever time they leave each other they cry...then they won't stop asking about each other until the next time they see one another and then they start it all over again. The entire family was in for the party, and it was great fun. The weather was perfect!

Next on to Easter. We had the kids this Easter, so on Saturday we took Hailey and Berklie to the Easter Egg Hunt at our church. Man....did they take the lute! Later that afternoon I had a shoot in Dallas, so Flint and the kids hung out at the house and his parents. Sunday we all got up and got dressed in our Sunday best and went to celebrate at church. After the beautiful sermon at church, we went home to change and then headed to Flint's parents house for Easter lunch. All in all it was a great Easter spent with family and friends. Enjoy the pics!

Brayden and Berkliw with their mimi and papa.

I love this pic of her.

My two beautiful sisters!

The two ENORMOUS pizzas that were at the party!

Brayden took this pic.

I bought all the kids these glasses...they were so cute and the kids had a blast with...as did the adults! LOL!

A cute shot I caught of Berklie while Kaytlin was changing for her next set of pics at Sam's campus.

Listening to the story of Easter.

Hailey on the go!

She only wanted to get the pink and purple eggs...because..."those are her favorite colors"....of course! Too funny.

A girl on a mission.

Why does she not look when we take pics together?!?!?!

"Don't eat that yet!"

The two with their lute!

Berklie in her Easter dress!
She loves going to church, so she was excited here.

For some reason I didn't get a better photo of her...still these are cute!