Sunday, September 26, 2010

Berklie having some fall fun!

Berklie has been so good lately and she loves being outside, so I told her I'd take her to the park. I have been wanting to start taking her on a regular basis, but it has been sooooo hot here! But today the weather was PERFECT! It felt like a wonderful fall day! So, after breakfast and a relaxing day around the house we loaded up and went to the park. She had a blast and I had a great time watching her! Hopefully with the weather getting cooler we can start going more often. Enjoy the pics!


All smiles and having fun!

Most two year olds would have seen this and ran the other way......

Not Berklie...she conquered it!
Not to mention counting the stairs the whole way up!

Little hiker!

"Look, mom, no hands!"

My prissy little lady!

Always climbing and always soooooo curious!

Momma with her Bitty Girl!

What a cutie!

Look at this little dare devil!

Family Day at SAU

Yesterday we went to the "big town" of Magnolia, Arkansas to see Justin and go to the Southern Arkansas University Family Day. The drive there was awful it rained the entire time, but once we got there the weather cleared up and we had a good time. Berklie got to see her Bubba, so she was super happy! She loved playing in his room and jumping on his tall bed. She got to play ping pong with bubba and meet some of his friends, too. She got the best view of the bed races which was on top of Justin's shoulders! Justin is doing well in college and baseball, but we all miss him very much!

On the elevator going to Justin's room.

I love this pic! So cute!

Here is the sign that Justin helped make for his dorm.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Little Miss Berklie

I entered Berklie into a local pageant in Crandall, Texas....The Little Miss Cotton Festival Pageant. It was something small and cute that I thought we might have fun doing together. We did! IT was a lot of fun even though the venue was outside and it was HOT and HUMID!!!!! It felt like Houston! Anyways, here is a run down of the day....

-Wake up 6:30
-I woke Berklie up at 7:30 and she was in an AWFUL mood! (Not a good start)
-Gave her breakfast and a shower and got clothes on her (still acting AWFUL!)
- Got everything loaded into the car and took off.
-Stopped at Sonic to get tots (thought this might get her in a better mood and it did!) Yea!
-Got to the pageant by 9:00 and got her signed in and changed her in the car
-Running behind schedule and tons of people there and HOTTTTT!
-Lexi, Hailey, Grandma, Grandpa, and Aunt Vickie arrive (after driving forever to find parking)
-Bathroom run
-Mimi arrives (after also trying to find parking....I found her front of a fire spout...oh well, so she parked there.)
- Go back in move towards the stage and get started.....FINALLY!
-Get lined up
-Go across the stage
-Go eat
-Go home (take a short nap)
-Go back for crowning
-Leave crowning and help a lady that was having a possible heat stroke by our car
-Came home showered, and now posting, and cleaning

While we were in line, Berklie started acting up again.....can you blame her?!?!?! It was soooo hot. Finally, they call her name and she goes on stage. Grandma, Lexi and Hailey were in front of the stage, and Aunt Vickie and Mimi were on the other side where she would walk across to. So...we're up....thank goodness she started acting better once she saw the little girl in line in front of her go on the stage....
Next we have Berklie Faith Bigham....I start off holding her hand and she quickly pulls away, does a twirl, and goes to the "x" (people got to practice on stage, but I opted against it...really she needs to practice???? this isn't the Miss America Pageant....was my thought....)
I then direct her to the next "x" in front of the judges...she gets there waves and I tell her to blow them a kiss and she does! They smiled and awed. Then we go to the last "x" and walk back across the stage. least that is what we were suppose to do...instead Berklie takes off running for the front of the stage...I grab her pick her up and she starts to cry....she didn't want to get off....I guess she's a natural for the
Later that day was the crowning and she didn't get anything which is fine as long as she had fun. Who knows if we'll do another, but she looked so cute and did a great job that probably she will! I do have to say that there was some High Glitz girls there and that is CRAZY!!!! You people that watch Toddlers and Tiaras know what I'm talking about! Enjoy the pics!

Her scores were 6 for poise, 5 for attire, 5 for attitude, and 9 for beauty! Not too bad for her first time and no practice with the "x's"!

P.S. Thanks Mimi for the cute dress! Thanks for all the family coming to support, too! Berklie loves y'all so much!

Saying "cheese" before she went on.

Her number.

Hailey and Berklie waiting for our groups to get called.

About to take off on her own.
This was the first "x".

Turning to go to the 3rd "x"
(Vickie also took pics along with Susan,
so maybe one of them got her blowing the kiss and waving.)

This is after the 3rd "x" when we were suppose to exit the stage and she wanted to go back to "x"!

Right after we got off stage, she headed right over to a little sandbox area and took off her shoes.

The end result.

What a cutie!

Eating ice at the crowning....hotter then the actually pageant.

These are the two pics I entered into the Miss Photogenic contest.

Homecoming Queen Kaytlin

Last night Berklie and I went to Ferris' Homecoming, and my sweet niece Kaytlin was a Queen nominee. We first went to her volleyball game (which they won in 3) and then we went to help her get ready in the locker room. She only had 15 minutes to get ready, so I did her hair while she did her make-up! She of course turned out as beautiful as ever! Then we were off to the football field. After the stress drive (just to get across the street) she arrived, got in line, and just in time for her name to be called about 10 minutes later. Her dad escorted her out and we were all there to support her. After all the nominees were called, the queen was announced....and your 2010 Ferris Homecoming Queen is Kaytlin Griffith! She looked so beautiful and she truly is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the out. We love you and congrats!


(It's her dress cute??? Mom, Vickie, Sissy, Berklie,
Kaytlin, and I went shopping last weekend and found it. )

Just got announced that she won.

The King and Queen.

Not the best pic of Berklie and I, but oh well Kaytlin looks good.