Saturday, April 14, 2012

Bitty Girl's Easter/Blue Bonnet pictures

Here are some pics that I took of Berklie. It feels like forever since I have taken some of just her, so I thought the annual blue bonnet pictures would be the perfect chance. Let's just say she had something else in mind besides the perfect chance. She was such a little stinker while taking them, but thankfully it wasn't a total list cause...I did get a FEW cute ones. Love her, but man...she can drive me to drink sometimes! Hope you all had a happy and blessed Easter!

I told her to walk away from me, and this is what I got...her RUNNING!

After she had gotten in trouble for running away.
Silly girl.

Kept it bright!

Little cutie!

Same pic just used different filters on each. I love both though!

Same thing for these two!

My favorite!
One of the only smiles I got! It was a little forced, but it looks so cute!
Definitely getting a canvas wrap for this one!