Wednesday, April 28, 2010

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Take a look at my photo blog and see some of Justin's senior pics!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Bitty Boy Brayden!

Berklie, Justin, Halee (Justin's girlfriend), and I made the trip down 45 to Houston for Brayden Samuel's 2nd Birthday! All of the kids had so much fun and played so well together. We got to see the entire family because it was Dad's real birthday yesterday, so everyone came in to celebrate and have a cook out last night after the party. Kristin and the boys got to come to the party, too. Barb and the girls were going to come but got sick the all the stuff going around, so we missed them. Amby and Brad moved into their new house about a month ago and it is so pretty. I am so happy for them! They got a huge bounce house for the kids to play in at the party and they have an awesome swing set in their backyard too. There was so much for the kiddos to play with that all of them went none stop for 6 hours! Especially Berklie and Brayden! They were so tired by bath and bed time. There was plenty of cupcakes and birthday cake for everyone and it was delicious! Everything was great and we had a blast! We got up this morning and help set up Brayden's trampoline that he got. Once everything was set up the first people on it was.....guess who....Brayden and Berklie! They had the most fun! Thank you Amby for having us and Happy Happy Birthday to Brayden! Here are a few pics from the party and a couple from Lexi's parent night for softball.

These are from Lexi's Softball Parent's Night.

Berklie when she saw Hailey.

Hailey sharing her drink with baby sister.

All the parents out on the field.
Funny, you can see Flint looking at me and the camera.

Now, they were both looking.

Lexi and Flint.

Daddy with all of his girls.
(I swear Berklie Faith, can you ever cooperate with the rest of the people in the picture! Please smile!!!!!)

Taa-Dah! All done and good to go!

First ones to try it out....Brayden the birthday man and Little Miss Berklie.
You can tell they love it!

No time to rotate...but she was saying , "Hi, momma!"
I love it!

Justin and his girlfriend Halee, Sunday morning helping put the trampoline together.

She is so into puzzles right now! Which is great because it makes her use her brain. Amby said that Brayden is really into them too. He had some extra puzzles, so Aunt Amby gave some to Berklie. She was in heaven when we got home!
They even make noise! Thanks Aunt Amby and Brayden!

"Try it! I dare you!
Eating her enormous cupcake!

Ok, so I don't want to take the time to rotate this because I have to hurry and start dinner...but Amby took this picture of us before the party the other day and I think it is the best pic we have ever taken together! Finally....Berklie is smiling in a pic with me! YEAH!!!!!

This is actually taken on Sunday morning. They got in the boxes from the trampoline and Aunt Vickie sang Row Row Row Your Boat, and they were laughing their heads off!

Berklie on Cousin Brayden's horse in his room.

The three cousins in the bounce house!
Gehrig, Brayden, and Berklie.

They were having so much fun!

What a doll!

They were up to something.

Kristin's oldest little boy, Bryant.

Little Slugger, Parker.

The next three pictures I think are absolutely adorable!
They are a series of Kristin's littlest one, Parker.

No fear! Crazy!

Papa with his girls!

Amby got confetti eggs and Berklie was fascinated!

Sweet girl Sofia!

Little Miss Berklie on the swing.

What do you think? Should we?????

How cute is this people?!?!?!?!

Berklie with Bubba.

Berklie with her Aunt Amby.

Brayden eating his birthday cupcake.

Berklie with her cupcake.

Kristin and I with the kiddos right before they left.

The 3 B's!
Brevin, Berklie, and Brayden eating dinner!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter To All

Well, another Easter has come and gone and summer is just around the corner! Berklie had a really fun Easter this year! It is amazing how much she has changed since this time last year. On Thursday night Flint and I went out with friends for dinner while Berklie stayed with one of my PALs, Kasey. Berklie loooovvveessss Kasey. We had a great time chatting with friends and having a relaxing night. We had Good Friday off from school, but we had Flint and Justin's baseball game to go to. They didn't win, but Justin played well. Friday night we went to the Magic Time Machine in Addison for Lexi's birthday dinner. I can not believe she is 15! Crazy how time flies - she was only 11 when Flint and I got married! We had a great time with the family and the weird people that work there - Joe Dirt was our waiter. LOL! Then on Saturday after we took Berklie's Easter pictures we were off to Mimi and Papa's house. Mom and dad's church had an Easter Hunt and a cook out that I took Berklie to. Joseph and Jenny came with Gehrig and Sofia. They had a great time and we had fun watching them hunt eggs and play together. Then back Saturday night to Terrell and then off to church on Easter Sunday. Berklie went to the nursery and all the ladies have a great time with her. They always compliment her on how well she behaves and plays with the other kids. At least she acts well for other! After church on sunday we went to eat with Flint's parents. We had a very nice/busy weekend, and we are certainly ready for SUMMER!!!!! Enjoy the pictures from this weekend. I forgot my camera for Lexi's bday dinner, so I'll try to get some and post them later.
I also am posting some pics from our hectic but fun spring break.

These two were up to no good.
They were in a corner plotting something!

Our little miss priss!

Our scholar already!

She loves getting into my jewelry box.
Thank goodness she can't reach my good jewelry, yet!

"Hi, momma! I wuv you!"
That's what she does when she is in trouble and tries to get out of it.

Lexi playing 1st base.

Berklie putting together her puzzle at Lexi's game.
Or as Berklie would say...."Leki's game!"

Hailey getting ready for a rebound.

She wanted to play too!
Justin had to run and go get her.

Hailey playing some defense.

Sweet Bitty Girl

Giving her daddy kisses.

Watching her Justin and Braughn playing xbox over spring break.

Trooper snoozing under the coffee table.

Dad on the gazelle and Berklie thought he needed some help.

Her little protector.
He got up there to take a nap with her.

Swimsuit #1 - so cute!

Swimsuit #2 - adorable!

It didn't take her long to catch on.

She had so much fun.

Off for the hunt.

Her Easter bucket.

A picture of her and Gehrig together.

My sweet girl!

This is when she realized stuff was in the eggs. She was just a shaking them!

As you can tell, she likes noise!

Bitty Girl Sofia - she is such a doll!

The kiddos with the Easter Bunny - Berklie was not going to get any closer either. She was not liking the bunny !

Eating her hot dog.
She is part Heckathorn!

Playing with a couple of her eggs.

Walking to mimi and papa's house after the egg hunt.

Of course she had to carry her own bucket.
Ms. Independent!

She had to look for her duckie from mimi and papa.

Her and Gehrig going inside from playing.

Little Miss Sofie playing in her bouncey.

Our little left handed batter!

Playing with cousin Sofie.
Before church playing with her sheep. The paci use has gotten better, she normally only gets it when she is in her bed, but we weren't having the best mornign, so momma let her have it.
I know, I know, I'm a softie!

Berklie with her Easter basket that momma and bubba painted for her.

Her she is actually looking, but of course no smile.

Holding her duck that mimi and papa got her for Easter.

If she would only smile.....urg!

Not wanting to take anymore pics.

Flint trying to get her to smile with a little tickle. She took off instead.

Daddy with his Bitty Girl.

After church eating some candy from her easter egg hunt at mimi and papa's.

Flint had his socks in the floor after church and Berklie decided to put them on. This was after we took her hair down from her always sticks straight up! Hilarious!

Her running away when I was trying to take a pic.

Coming back for me to read her a book.

Playing at her kitchen.