Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bitty Girl's Party Pics!

Here are some pictures from Bitty Girl's Minnie Party. She had a great time and there were a TON of people there! Mimi, Papa, Grandpa, Grandma, The Clinkscale's, The Griffith's, The Heckathorn's, The Arnold's, The Koen's, all of her brother and sisters and many more!!! Thank you to Aunt Jenny for making the FABULOUS cake and re-frosting the cupcakes! (Jenny had to re-frost the cupcakes, because on the day of the party Berklie Faith pulled all 30 of them off the shelf and ruined all the icing! LOL! But Aunt Jenny saved the day!) Thank you all for coming and making Berklie's 2nd birthday very special! We can't wait until #3! Enjoy the pics below.

Here is her table!

Isn't the cake cute?!?!?!?

Her pics by the door.

Her highchair decor.

Here is the door hanger I made.

There she is CLIMBING...with Trooper by her side.

Mr. Brayden playing!

Gehrig playing with Hailey and Cathrine.

She really wouldn't eat her dinner because she had her eye on the cupcakes!

She was NOT happy.
She wanted that cupcake and momma wasn't letting her have it!

"Happy birthday Berklie Faith...."

"happy birthday to you!"

She was so excited about blowing out the candles this year!
Yea Berklie!

Now she's cooperating that she has the cupcake!

"Awweeee....FINALLY....A CUPCAKE!"

Sweet Cousin Brayden!

Silly Cousin Gehrig!

Cutie-Pa-Tootie Cousin Sofia!

"Ummmm! Yummie!"

She wasn't really a happy camper at this point -
no nap + whinny girl = GETTING THE PACI

"Awesome, a Minnie gown and cup! Whoo-hoo!" Thanks Mrs. Sue and Asa!

She is her mother's daughter....LOVES the SHOES!!!!

Her sparkley "B" from grandpa and grandma to hang in her room!

She loves DORA!!! Thanks, Brayden!

She loves PUZZLES, too!
Thanks, Aunt Vickie!

My little dress up princess!

Precious Sofia trying out Berklie's Minnie ears.

Ready to go with her helmet and apron.
"Alright, Brayden, let's go!"

2 year old pics

So, Berklie's second birthday has come and gone, and it just doesn't seem like she should be 2!!! It seems like just yesterday I was pregnant with her. She has accomplished A TON of stuff this summer! Here are just a few things -

1. She is potty trained! YEA!!!!
2. It has been 3 days since she has had her paci! (For those of you who know Berklie, you also know that she is VERY....VERY....VERY.... attached to her "Papi"! So, this is a HUGE...HUGE step for her!)
3. She can ride her tricycle that mimi and papa got her for her bday.
4. She has gotten a "little better" about not throwing fits.
5. She still climbs on EVERYTHING! The higher the better. (She is climbing on the end table as I type, and just jumped off onto the love to love her!)
6. Can count to 10.
7. Can say her ABC's.
8. Knows all of her colors.
9. Knows several songs - Twinkle, twinkle. If your happy and you know it. Old McDonald, The Choo-Choo Soul abc song, etc.
10. She is now in her "Big-Girl" bed.
11. Has discovered the TV! She LOVES the Mickey Mouse Club, Dora the Explorer, and Yo Gabba Gabba!

At her two year check it, she was in tip top shape! The doctor was impressed with her vocabulary and her knowledge of everything. When I told her that she knows her ABC's, can count to 10, knows her colors and all of her body parts, she said, "That is wonderful. You're telling me what most moms tell me at the 4 year check up." I thought to myself WOW!!! I knew she was smart, but I thought that was just me being partial because she's mine. But, I guess not! So, hopefully she'll keep progressing intellectually and physically, and be a smart, healthy, beautiful girl! At her check up her stats were:
Height - 36 in. - 96th percentile (That's already 3 feet tall!!!! Crazy!)
Weight - 26.8 lbs - 50th percentile
Head Circumference - 80th percentile (she still needs to grow into it a

Everyone always thinks she is older than what she is, because of her height and her vocab. Gets kind of annoying when I say she is only two, and they so now way. Yes way! She's just a tall smart baby.

Below are some of her 2 year old pics that I took. IT was much harder this year than last to chance her down, but I think we got a few cute ones. Enjoy! I'll post party pics later on. (If you can't tell, we had a Minnie Party and this is the little dress she wore. She also had on bloomers with a Minnie head and her name embroidered on them...they were super cute!)

Sweet girl.


She looking into the sun...looks mad.

She's making them!

Our Little Miss Blue Eyes!


Momma and Daddy's LITTLE ANGEL!

This one is my favorite!

To my Bitty Girl,

I love you Berklie Faith more than you'll ever know, and look forward to many more years to watch you grow! MUAH!

xoxox Love you always - Momma

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Berklie's Hospital Visit


Well, as most of you know we went to Disney World for our vacation. The week before we left Berklie had a little spot on her little bo-hinniethat I went to get checked out. Come to find out it was a staph infection, and the doctor put her on medicine asap....that was on Monday. As of Thursday it looked AWFUL, so I took her back to the doctor. The doctor was shocked at how bad it had gotten, so he told me he would be right back. He returned to the room and proceeded to say, "I am sending you over to the hospital to have a surgery. Don't worry, the surgeon is great! She'll meet you over at the hospital and she'll get Berklie better in no time." Well, as you can imagine all sorts of things started running around in my head...holy crap...I can't believe how bad it is...oh no, Flint's in Lubbock...poor is she even walking?!?!?!? So, after my little freak out and panic....I went over to the hospital, and the surgeon met Berklie and I in the lobby to get us registered. Once that was over she took us into a room and looked Berklie over. She said it did look really bad, but she knew she could take care of it and get all the infection out. So.....Berklie and I waited until she was able to get into surgery. She couldn't go in until she had not eaten for six hours. Man...I thought it was going to be a LONG few hours because she was in pain, she was getting hungry, and had no toys. Much to my surprise, she did really well! I got her a ($5) balloon at the gift shop and it occupied her for a good while! Flint rushed in from Lubbock to be with us as soon as he could and mom and dad came in, too. They wheeledBerklie back and I got to ride in the bed with her. It was neat because when we turned the corner I saw the same anastiologist that gave me my spinal was going to be her doctor as well. It was awful when they took her away!!!! It seriously was the worse thing that I have ever had to do! But, she was back in no time and good as new! She was a little cranky, but I expected that. They had her on a strong dose of medsever 6 hours through iv. They had to come in the first night and redo her iv two times! They ended up having to stick her 6 times! I had to hold her down and it was awful! We got through it and we got out of the hospital on Saturday. We saw the doctor again on Monday, and she sent us over tot he surgeon. The doctor said that it didn't feel right to her. Of course....I was scared once again, but we got to the surgeon and she said it looked great and cleared her to go to Disney World! Thank you all so much for all the prayers for Berklie! Hopefully, we will not have to go through it again anytime soon. Look at her cute little pics from the hospital. All of the pics are from my phone, so the rotation is weird. warning...the first two are NOT cute, but I just wanted you to see how bad it got in a matter of two days. Sorry.

This was her little hinnie on Sunday night...a little zit looking thing. It is zoomed in, but it looked about the size of an ant bite.

This was by Wedbesday night. As you can tell, her entire little hinnie cheek was swollen and hard as a rock.

Mom and Dad rushed in, too. Her she is with mimi after her surgery.

Here Bitty Girl is with her balloon while we were getting admitted.

Bitty Girl in her cute little hospital gown and of course her BOW! The nurses had a little laugh over it.

Telling me the colors that were on her gown.

What a cutie! I still have NO IDEA how she was walking!

Berklie with her papa after her surgery.

Right after they brought her to me. She had finally calmed down a little once I held her.

They tried to stick her iv in her hand first while she was under, but they couldn't find a vein, so had to put it in her foot.

The iv came out of her foot the first night, so they ended up FINALLY getting it in her hand. She ripped it out, then they had to put it in again. The nurse called the doctor and the doctor told her to put a diaper on it. Needless to say, it amused Berklie and she didn't try to yank out her iv anymore.

Day two.

Day three - feeling a little better. Sitting in the chair watching cartoons.

This was certainly the most scary thing I have ever been through! My dad's open heart was awful and scary, but mom was right....she has always told us that when you have children it is different. Well, I agree totally with her. I would have done anything to switch places with her! I am just glad that she is better and hopefully won't remember ANYTHING about this experience! She has a little scare to show for it, but other than that she is great now! Once again thank you ALL for all of the prayers! I have the best family and friends anyone could ever ask for!