Saturday, November 3, 2012

29 Weeks

This Tuesday I will be 29 weeks!  This pregnancy has FLOWN by!  I can't believe he will be here in a matter of weeks!!!  I am totally not prepared...I still have to get all things in order at school, get his room ready, register at the hospital, and the list is really never ending!!!  I just hope the next couple of months slow down a little, and I can actually relish the time I have left.  I have felt great this pregnancy and he is definitely a healthy boy!  Every time I have a check up he always measures two weeks bigger than he should.  I have no idea what he'll weigh or how long he'll be, but I bet he'll be much bigger then Berklie was!  Any guesses???  I really haven't craved anything, but I was much more hungry with him than with Berklie.  Although my appetite has slowed, just b/c I get major there isn't much room in there for food and him!  Feeling good and hope to keep it that way!  Here are some belly shots for your view pleasure.  ;o)

29 weeks this Tuesday!  

Flint didn't think the first turned out, but he did great on both! You can definitely see the belly!

This was at 22 weeks.

26 weeks.

She loves her baby brother...even though she says she wants a sister on occasion.

My little cutie-pa-tootie!

Love that smile! 

We didn't plan on 

My little Raggedy Ann "DOLL"!!! 

Superhero Birthday Party!

Our friends have two little boys that are about 13 months apart, and their party was today!  They were having a Superhero theme and asked for people to come dressed as their favorite Superhero.  Berklie really doesn't have a favorite superhero, although she has started to get in to the  So, I saw this cap, mask, belt, and arm cuffs at Wal Mart and it was a go!  Throw on a black leotard, red tights and you have Berklie Bigham...aka...Captain America's  That is who she said she was, and that her powers were flying, running really fast, and echoing (whatever that is).  I love her imagination!  Happy Birthday to our friends, Jaiden and Jase!  

Super Berklie!

They got to bowl.

I told her and Jase to get together for a picture and this is what they 

They got to go through an obstacle course and Berklie got to be the demonstrator.

And off she goes!

to the trampoline for a roll...

favorite superhero pose off the trampoline...

cone to cone ball walk....

Throw the football in the big circle....

and the slide on mat. FINISHED!!!

Christina made the kids mask to take home.

"Yea superheros!!!"

Pinata (don't think I spelled that correctly...oops) time!

Waiting patiently.

What a swing! Go, girl! 

Love this picture with her daddy!

Yeas!  A good one!  My favorite!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Well, we had a great time trick or treating this year!  Monday night was Berklie school festival, so Daddy and I took her for a fun night out.  She always has a blast, and they have the cutest little games and prizes for all the kids.  Next, was Wednesday night and we were off to our church family fun night then some trick or treating.  It was just Berklie and I, Flint went to Braughn's football we had a fun girl's Halloween night.  Once we went to the church and the other churches by ours, we came home to go down our street then headed back in to give candy out.  Berklie had a blast as Raggedy Ann and had many compliments on her costume!  There were several people that said it was their favorite so far, and others that said, "Wow, she really does look like a little doll!"  She was very polite and said thank you to them all and then when people gave her candy she always said thank you.  So proud of her and we had a great time!  Two will be in tow next year, so my hands will be even more full!  Happy Halloween! 

This is the witch that greeted us at Berklie's school festival. 

Raggady Ann and Frankenstein

It was a jogging suit kind of afternoon. ;o) 

Ready to go Trick or Treating at church. 

She got rave reviews for her costume!  I thought she looked like a little doll!  (No pun intended. ) ;o) 

Charlie Brown's pumpkin patch! 

I thought having angry birds was a little strange...but of course Berklie had to take this picture.  :o)