Sunday, May 16, 2010

Catching up!

I have a lot of catching up to do, so here we go. First we have Justin's Spring Sports Banquet. He received 1st team all-district pitcher and the athletic scholarship from our athletic boosters. Next, we have Berklie in her big-girl panties, then Justin's last baseball game. Then we have Justin's prom pics....thank goodness that is over....lots of planning! Next, the trip to Beaver's Bend State Park in Oklahoma with the Science Club, and lastly, Kaytlin's prom. has been a hectic spring! Also, Lexi messed up her knee in one of her AAU basketball games. She has surgery on May 25th to reconstruct her knee. She has a torn ACL, MCL, and LCL, so just keep her in your prayers. Hopefully, she will be able to play six months after her surgery. Justin graduates on June 4th and Hailey turns 6 on June 5th. June 16 - 23 we go to Disney World with Flint's parents and the kids, and in July Berklie turns 2! Can you believe it....doesn't seem right. She is growing up wayyyyy to fast! So, there is much more craziness to come, but hopefully I can stay caught up on posting! Enjoy all the pics!

Justin and Flint at the sports banquet.

Family pic. Awful of me (I was in mid-talk. LOL), but everyone else looks nice.

Justin receiving his scholarship.

We had to keep Berklie occupied with some balloons.

The baseball team.

Mimi and Papa got Berklie some big-girl panties. They have Tinkerbell and all of her friends on them. She did well in them for a while that night, she had to try all of them on of course. Then I look over and she tinkled in the times. Needless to say, we are going to work hard on potty training when we get back from vacation.

Justin with Larry and Susan before Justin's last high school game.

Justin pitched and caught at his last game.

Parent's Night was also at the last game.

Waiting. I thought these both were pretty neat pics.

Justin on deck.

Family pic after Justin's last game.

The next three pics are pretty funny! There was some smoke in the air from the grill, so we got creative! LOL!

Next up, Justin's prom.

Justin and his girlfriend, Halee.

Justin with one of his best friends, Mary.

These are all of my PALs that were at the same place taking pics. I was wanting to get another pic of everyone at prom, I just never got around to it.

The favors.

Justin with Lexi.

Justin was up from Prom King, but didn't get it. Here are all the nominees for King and Queen.

The decorations walking into our prom.

Me and Flint. We got to chaperon, because we are both senior sponsors.
I didn't have time to do my hair because I was finishing up the picture back drop. Oh well, I guess i could have looked!

Flint with Justin's best friend, Patrick.

Now on to the science club trip to Oklahoma.

Sooooo...this was mine and Flint's cabin. I was not expecting it to be so simple, but it got the job done. We at least had beds and air conditioning. LOL! I love being outside and out doorsies, but I have never been wasn't too bad, so we'll probably go again.

There were over 50 kids that went on the trip. This was all of us at lunch the day we came home.

Our handsome bus driver.

The visitors center in the park.

Now...Kaytlin's prom.
I went over to Vicki and Thomas's to do hair and makeup for the girls and Vickie.
We all had a good time and I think everyone liked their hair and makeup.

I did Vickie's hair and makeup. One hot momma!!!
She and Thomas go every year to the prom because Thomas is President of the school board.

Kaytlin and her boyfriend, Charley.

I did Kaytlin's makeup, too. She went and got her hair done though.

This is Kaytlin's friend, Crystal. I did her hair and makeup.
She and Kaytlin are such pretty girls, that it made my job much easier!

Kaytlin and Charley putting on their corsage and boutonniere.

They got the "Best-Looking" couple at prom.
It's that cool?!?!?!

Their prom theme was "Lost at Sea" - doesn't she look like a mermaid?!?!?!

Pretty girl!