Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Bundle of Joy

Here is a sonogram that I got yesterday at the doctor. It was the most amazing thing! Seeing the baby move around was like nothing else I have ever experienced. It was so neat to see it move, yet not feel it in my tummy. Believe me it was a kickin'! He/she certainly put on a show. It had the sono tech, me, and Flint laughing....I wonder who he is going to take after considering mommy and daddy are both pretty funny? I have to admit - I did tear up a little. Like I said there is nothing like it. It truly was AMAZING! Talk with everyone soon!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Telling my family

It took everything I had, but I waited to tell my sisters and brother until we were together for Christmas. My parents, Flint's parents, and the kids all knew, but I wanted a neat way for everyone else to find out. So, before we opened presents at Christmas we took some family pictures. Flint and mom took the pictures and on one of the last shots Flint said, "OK, on the count of three everyone say Remica is pregnant." It was hilarious - here is the series of pictures - I think they speak for themselves.

Joseph, Amby (who is also expecting a boy in April), Me, & Vickie

Back row is - Amby, Brad (her husband), Dad, Joseph, Jenny,Vickie, Tyler, John-Thomas, Thomas. Bottom row - Kaytlin, Gehrig (Joseph & Jenny's baby), Me, & Brenna (John-Thomas' girlfriend).

I absolutely LOVE Gehrig's face here! It is like he is surprised too!

Pretty funny, uh?

The New Addition

Flint and I are proud to announce the upcoming addition to our family. We are expecting our first baby in August. I am so excited to share the news with everyone and we are excited for the baby's arrival. Here is a picture of our first sonogram. The baby was only the size of a peanut at the time, though it is quite a bit bigger now -- probably about the size of a small pickle. Too funny. I will be updating the blog as the pregnancy progresses. Track season starts in the next two weeks but I promise to try my best to keep this up and running. Talk with you all soon.