Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Photo Blog

I have more senior session pictures on my photo blog. Go and take a look see!

Monday, April 20, 2009

WOW! Has it been nine months already?!?!?!?!

As Berklie is turning nine months old, it is hard for me to imagine life without her in it. In reality nine months seems like a long time, yet it feels like only yesterday that our precious little Berklie Faith was brought into our lives. It is a joy to watch her grow, mature, and explore everyday! She has such a little personality! All at the same time she is a little lady, a tom boy, an explorer, an actress, a snuggler, an independent little thing, and most of all she is mine and her daddy's precious bitty girl! She likes pretty much anything to eat that you put in front of her, picks up anything off the floor and puts it in her mouth, such as tape, paper, mud, and last but not least a doodle bug....yes that is correct a rolly poly doodle bug. Gross I know, but we have come to expect no surprises from her! We honestly have no idea where she finds all this stuff! She is the most amazing little human vacuum! She loves to climb much like I did when I was little. Maybe that means she will be a gymnast! She is not scared of anything unless you spook her. Her bubba is really good at this. She whines when she is tired along with rubbing her eyes. Smiles when she wakes up to see her mama and daddy. Laughs out loud when you tickle her under the left part of her neck, and loves to give kisses! She now waves and says bye bye, along with saying dada, bubba, and yeah (which I am sure she is not meaning to say, but it sounds really funny coming from a baby!) No mama yet, but I am sure it is soon to come. She crawls at light speed, and cruises around anything that she can - including pulling up on my pants leg and walking along where ever I go. Granted I do have to walk a little slower not to drag her, but she does hold her own pretty dang good. I am sure that walking is right around the corner and what a whirl wind that will be! We already go non stop and have to close all the doors to keep her curiosity to a minimum! As of now I have no clue what she will be doing in the months to come, but how exciting is it to be a mom and watch your little one come into their own. It truly is one of life's greatest gifts that God has blessed all of us mothers with. So, take a little time today to thank God for all of your precious little miracles!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Easter at Uncle Lance's house

The following pictures are of Easter with Flint's side of the family at his brother Lance's house. OK so once again, all of the pictures are out of order with the sequence of events that took place. Anyways, we had a nice time with both of our families and it has really made of ready to get out of school for the summer!

Hailey with her steal from the egg hunt.

Lexi and Lance's oldest daughter Christine trying their hardest to find some eggs.

Braughn on a mission!

Berklie was zonked out on Daddy's shoulder. It had been a long couple of days for her.
She was a little trooper though.

All of the kids went and got in the hot tub after we ate.

I swear all of the kids are like little fish.

Berklie with her Bubba Braughn.

I love these two pictures.

All the kids were upstairs playing games.

While Berklie was downstairs, trying to stir up some trouble.

Here she is with her chair that Flint's parents got her for Easter.

I know this is really hard to see and not a good picture at all, but this is a trick that Berklie does with her paci. It is really funny, and she was actually not doing it all the way, but she still looks pretty funny. When she does it for real, the entire white part is in her mouth too and the rim of the paci makes it look like she has a huge smile on. It really is funny and she does it a lot! IT scared me at first , but I really doubt that she can swallow the entire pacifier! At least I hope not!!!!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Blue Bonnent pics

If you go to my photo website, you can see our family pictures in the Blue Bonnets and another senior session. Go to the right hand side and click on Remica's Reflections. Enjoy!

Easter at Mimi and Papa's house

Finally here are some Easter pictures. Life has been so busy the last couple of weeks that I have just now gotten time to work on the blog. Moving on, here are all of the pictures from Easter at my parent's house. Berklie had a wonderful first Easter filled with all of her aunts, uncles, cousins, Mimi, and Papa. While we were all there we celebrated my Dad, Joseph, Brenna, and Brayden's birthday. Those pics are also in here! I'll my another post after while with pictures from our Easter with Flint's side of the family. All of the pictures are out of order, they actually go backwards throughout the day's activities. Who knows! Like I said, it has been a long week!

Berklie hunting for eggs.

Good ole' Sugar-Baby enjoying the festivities!

I really think it is impossible for me and Berklie to take a good picture together!
She was not giving up this piece of candy for nothing.
Of course she wasn't eating the candy, just chewing on the wrapper like she chews on EVERYTHING!

Man,Mama, hunting eggs is some hard work.

Hailey and Gehrig hunting Easter eggs.

Brayden eating his 1st birthday cake.

As you can tell Hailey and Justin got in on the cake action, too.

He looks like Shrek.

What a sweet boy!

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

I love your hair, Brayden. I can't wait until I get some!

Daddy, you have to come and look at this!

This is sooooooooooo awesome, Brayden!

Hey, man, sit down in there!

Berklie with her Mimi.

Excuse me, could you move out of my way please?

Precious Bitty Girl!

Man, I have got to get one of these!

Look Papa, I am at ten and two!
I am sure to be a great driver!

Brayden was having the most fun pushing Berklie.
We got such a kick out of them together!

Look....I know how it is done.

Here let me help you out of there, Brayden.

Berklie with her Papa.

Berklie with Tyler.
Can you believe he is graduating in a couple of weeks????

Here is Brayden's first Harley Davidson that Uncle Joseph and Aunt Jenny got him for his birthday.

Just two funny pics of our crazy girl!

This is the pink bunny that Mimi & Papa got Berklie for her first Easter.
She absolutely LOVES it! All of her stuffed animals are her favorite toys!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Another adventure!

Here is Berklie on yet another adventure. When we get home in the afternoons from school, she wants out of her car seat immediately and wants down on the floor to play. I love the fact that she is Little Miss Independent! She still is a Mama's girl though - which what can I say - I love that fact! So, here she is on the go again. I guess instead of "Bitty Girl" we should start calling her "Bitty Monkey"! Enjoy!

You would think with how bad she screams to get out of that thing that she would stay away from it. Nope, not Berklie - it is her Mt. Everest!

What a doll face!

"Seriously, you are still taking pictures, mama?"

"If I lean forward, I wonder what will happen?"

"Look, Mom, no hands!"

Go and see

Go to my photo blog (Remica's Reflections - on my blog list) and see a senior session that I took yesterday. Let me know what you all think. Last day of school tomorrow! YEAH! Later!

Monday, April 6, 2009

My Mom says it is payback!

Like the title says - my Mom has told me since the day she found out I was pregnant that I would get my pay back. I was not a bad baby, but I was what you would call very ACTIVE! I never really crawled and I started walking around 7-8 months. If you follow my blog or at least know me, you know that Berklie may look a lot like her Daddy, but acts just like her Mama. At least she has a little of me! So, as the story goes, Berklie rolled over at an early age, sat up early, crawled early, and cut teeth early - so yes, I guess you could say that I am getting my pay back. Yet, I didn't think so until today when I was sitting in the living room experiencing the pictures you are about to see. Granted, it is not as bad as some of the stuff that my mom walked into see me doing, like sitting on top of the fridge, the mantel, and the microwave, but it still is pretty scary for an 8 month old to be doing. What can I say....she has some adventure in her!

How can you not love a little precious face like that?!?!?!?!

Although I wanted Berklie to have green eyes like me and Flint, she sure does have some gorgeous blue eyes! Please don't mind the runny nose....I think it is the Texas weather!

Yes, here she is looking all sweet and innocent.

Her saying, "Watch what I am about to do, Mama!"

Off she goes.

Having a little trouble.

Back on track!
"Look at me guys! This is awesome!"

CRAZY, uh? Mom did warn me though!

So, as you can tell Berklie crawled up on to her play yard that was folded, held on to the TV stand, and them stepped over to her discovery table and stood on top of it! What will be next?!?!?!?